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विधार्थीबाट बाढी प्रभावित विधार्थीहरुलाई सहयोग

विधार्थीबाट बाढी प्रभावित विधार्थीहरुलाई सहयोग

अध्ययनका सिलसिलामा जर्मनीको सबैभन्दा प्रख्यात जर्ज–अगष्ट विश्वविधालय, गोट्टिङन, जर्मनीमा रहेका नेपाली विधार्थीहरु, यस विश्वविधालयबाट अध्ययन गरी नेपाल फर्केका केही विधार्थी र काठमाण्डौका जिल्ला वन अधिकृत डा. इन्द्र सापकोटाको गरी करीव १ लाख रुपियाको सहयोगमा भजनी नगरपालिका स्थित प्राथमिक विधालयका करीव १०० जना बाढी प्रभावित विधार्थीहरुलाई कापी, कलम, झोला लगायतका स्टेशनरी र विधालयलाई फूटवल, भलिवल, क्यारेमबोर्ड सहितका सामाग्री यही भदौ १९ गते सोमबार हस्तान्तरण गर्ने कार्यक्रम रहेको छ । इच्छुक अन्य जोसुकैले पनि सहयोग गर्न चाहेमा तुरुन्त सम्पर्क गर्नुहुन अनुरोधका साथै सामन्य आव्हानका भरमा सहयोग गर्न तुरुन्त कस्सिने गोनेसका सहयोगी विधार्थीहरुलाई अन्तरआत्माबाटै धन्यबाद तथा बधाई ।

We are very proud of the long tradition of GoNeS to support the needy people in Nepal. GoNeS had joined their kind hands similar events in the past. Please accept sincere thanks from fellow citizens to all kind hearted people of GoNeS!


Saturday, 9 July 2016

GoNeS Alumni Receives Prestigious Award

Dr. Babita Paudel Bhattarai recently awarded with the very prestigious Lunkaran Das Nawa Prativa (Emerging talent) 2073 amid of grand event here in Kathmandu. The prominent poet, Rastrakabi Madhav Ghimire has awarded her with the certificate and cash prize.

Dr. Paudel, the well-known lichenologist cum bio-chemist who has a number of (over dozen) articles on well-known international journal, has conducted her post-doctorate research, as the esteemed Humboldt Fellow, at Georg-August University from 2009 to 2011. Prior to that she had completed her PhD and also the Post Doc at Korea Polar Research Institute in South Korea. She has also work experience as the teaching/research assistant at the same institute. 

Dr. Paudel and her team has established Research Institute of Biosciences and Biotechnology (RIBB) at Sinamangal, Kathmandu. Since its establishment, they have conducted a large number of the researches and trained many master degree student. Detail description about this institute can be read at
She has been contributing in the development of science in Nepal through her active participation in many organization including Nepal German Academic Association (NEGAAS), Nepal Biotechnology Association, Women in Science and Technology Nepal, and Humbold Club.

We as her well wisher and the GoNeS alumni would like to congratulate her for this success and glorious achievement. Thank you


Saturday, 30 January 2016

GoNeS alumni provided financial support to earthquake victim

Following GoNeS alumnii provided financial support to build a school heavily damaged by the earthquake:

  • Dr. Hari Bhattarai: Rs. 3,000
  • Dr. Babita Paudel: Rs. 3,000
  • Dr. Ajay Jung Kunwar: Rs. 5,000
  • Dr. Lok Nath Paudel: Rs. 3,000
  • Mr. Dev Raj Gautam: Rs. 3,000
  • Mr. Bishal Ghimire: Rs. 3,000
  • Dr. Rajendra K.C.: Rs. 3,000

The money collected is channelized through the Nepl German Academic Association (NEGAAS). As I am posting this news after so many months, I may be confused with some numbers (very rare chance though), please let me correct if I have missed someones contribution.

This amount may look like small contributions, but it is in fact a great emotional attachments with the EQ victims.

Thank you very much for this philanthropic work of GoNeS alumni!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Nepal mourns to the earthquake victims
Nepal encountered unexpected loss due to the intense earthquake realized on 25th April 2015. Over 5500 corpses have already been discovered from the wreckage. The number is expected to rise at least by twofold as the relief and rescue operations have not been reached to remote and most affected parts of the country. A very renowned professor Matthias Kuhle from the Georg-August University, Goettingen, Germany has lost his life during his field excursion. He was in Nepal leading the excursion of 15 students from the university. He was the professor of geography and recently established the theory of the glaciation of Tibet during the last great ice age.
The whole nation is in great shock. Nepalese and its well wishers from all over the world is supporting the relief operations. Nepalese Students living in Goettingen (popularly known as GöNeS) has organized several programme to mourn on the earthquake victims and collected some funds to support the victims.

We all Nepalese mourn in this great loss and urge all to support the relief activities at its fullest capacity.

Monday, 29 September 2014

GoNeS supported flood victims in Nepal

Dr. Hari Bhattarai and Rajendra K.C. went to the office of Help Nepal Network and handed over collected sum. They will buy the stationery and school books to the flood victim children with this sum. The Contributors of the sum:
GoNeS Germany: 90 Euro+NRs. 1000

(90 Euro=11250)
Netra bhandari and family=15 Euro
Menuka Maharjan=20 Euro
Smita Das=15 Euro
Meena Suyal=15 Euro
Utsav Thapa=NRs. 1000
Pramila Thapa=15 Euro
Aashim=10 Euro
From Nepal:

Rajendra K.C.: Rs. 1000
Hari Datta Bhattarai Rs. 2000
Ajaya Jang Kunwar Rs. 2000 (+Dr. Nilam Thakur)
Chandra Shekhar Badu Rs. 1000
Shambhu Charmakar Rs. 1000
Lok Nath Paudel Rs. 1000
=============== Total Rs. 20,250 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

IELTs to be taken in Delhi, APR 02 - Hundreds of Nepali students are compelled to travel to India spending thousands of rupees to take International English Language Testing System (IELTS), a popular English proficiency test, due to lack of adequate quotas.
A significant rise in the number of students opting for overseas studies has shot up the demand of English tests--one of the requisites for admission into popular academic destinations in Australia, USA and UK.
According to Suchita Shrestha, MarComms and Learning Centre Manager at British Council, the sole body responsible for IELTS in the country, all the dates for the test are full till September.
This has left those opting for June/July intake in trouble. Education Consultancy Association Nepal (ECAN) estimates 200 students, who are planning for June/July intake, have been flying out to India, mainly Delhi, every fortnight for the tests.
"It's an unnecessary burden for us," said Sachdev Basnet, an MBA graduate, who is going to India for IELTS next week. For a test which could be completed for Rs 13,800 in Nepal, Basnet explained, a candidate will have to spend around Rs 50,000, including travel and accommodation costs and exam fee in India.
Those who are unwilling to travel to India will have to wait for January/February intake, according to ECAN officials. The volume of students taking IELTS has gone up by 80 percent this year compared to the previous year, said Shrestha. "The target of around 17,000 we set for April 2013 to March 2014 was achieved in six months by October 2013." The British Council conducts three tests a month, with around 1,000 students taking it in a single sitting. Ram Chandra Poudel of ECAN explained the number for IELTS candidates has soared as prospective students for Australia has shot up this year.
The Ministry of Education record shows more than 17,000 students have taken No Objection Certification (NOC) letter in the past eight months; out of them 9,000 are for Australia alone.
"The British Council has declined to increase quotas despite our repeated requests," Poudel lamented. He said an ECAN team will be urging the IDP in India to resume its service in Nepal to allow more students to take the test. The IDP (Australia) had been running IELTS tests in Nepal for a decade before closing its service last year.
Posted on: 2014-04-02 08:34
Kantipur Daily
PARIS (FRANCE), APR 02 - Among various stolen artifacts bearing historical and cultural significance of the country, two statues dating back to 12th and 13th centuries have been gathering dust at museums in Paris . And although two decades have passed since the government of France realised the statues were stolen and approached Nepali authorities with an intention to return them, the government of Nepal has yet to take significant steps to retrieve the artifacts. Of the two statues, the 12th century stone statue of Lord Vishnu standing between goddess Laxmi and Garuda was reportedly stolen from Chyasalhiti, Patan towards the end of 1970s, while the 13th century statue of Shiva-Uma perched atop Kailash Parbat was stolen from Nasamna Tole, Bhaktapur on the night of May 23, 1984.
Both statues have been gathering dust at the storage facility in Musée Guimet museum in Paris . The museum had removed the statues from public display after receiving proofs from historian, Late Lain Singh Bangdel who spotted the statues while on a trip toParis , that the statues were stolen.
“We have been ready to return the statues ever since we were informed that the statues were stolen,” said chief curator of the Nepal-Tibet section at the museum, Natalie Bazin. The Department of Archaeology in Nepal had forwarded a letter requesting the return of the statues in 2000. However, as there were certain official procedures to be followed, Bazin believed that the Nepal government could not prioritise the matter due to political turmoil.
However, refuting the claims made by the museum, Ambassador to France Mohan Krishna Shrestha said they did not have any knowledge about what happened earlier but now that the museum had made its intentions clear, they were waiting for an official letter of intent from the museum to speed up the process to return the statues home.

Meanwhile, the museum has stated its plans to return the statues after organising a grand exhibition displaying artifacts related to Nepal in 2016, which coincides with the 50-year anniversary since the first exhibition of Nepali artifacts was held in Paris during the visit of the Late King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah. Bazin reasoned that as the statues had been on display in the museum since decades, it was essential for the French to know why they were being returned.

Posted on: 2014-04-02 08:36 
Kantipur Daily

GoNeS family in Kathmandu, though two years back, our support to the needy girl! About Rs. 35,000 handed over for her treatment!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Congratulation to Dr. Ajaya and Dr. Nilam

 GöNeS extend its best wishes to the newly married couple!
 Swambar with Dr. Nilam Ajaya with his famous smile!

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Wonderful Tropentag

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Janai Purnima Being Observed