Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A bright Nepalese Killed in the USA

One of the brilliant, young and very melodious Nepalese student in Houston was shot dead on 28 September in Houston, the USA.

He was working in the Gas Station. When he was returning from the Gas station, the robber attacked him and looted the money he collected. He was shot five bullets in his body.

He was the student at the Houston Community College. His family is trying to bring the corpse to Nepal for final retuals. The corpse transportation is costly, hence the Houston Nepalese Society is trying to collect around 10000 US Dollar to send the corpse to Nepal. Therefore, seeking donation from everyone. If any of us want to donate, find the link given:

We are very sad to come to know this news. May god provide enough power to bear this irreparable loss to his family. May his soul stay in rest and heaven!


Nekkar river in Heidelberg, Germany

This is the small movie clip that I took last week in Heidelberg, Germany.


Monday, 29 September 2008

Hearty Congratulation to Babu !

BabuKaji Dallakoti: Whose performance speaks .......perfectly!

Congratulation to one of the esteemed member of our Goettingeli Nepalese Samaj, who got recently Australian Leadership Award 2008 to study Ph.D. in Australian National University.
We are very happy to know this happy news. We would like to extend our congratulation to him and his family for materialising the dream. This is the happiest news at the moment to GöNeS.
We hope that he will not forget us and our society even in Australia. We would like to request him to spread the goodwill of Goettingen University and nepalese student studying here.

Australian Scholarship (Ph.D.) to Goettingeli Alumnii

Please Guess the name before you start reading this happy news!

It is very happy news to all of us living in Goettingen. I got to know that from Australian Embassy sources, one of our Goettingeli Alumnii got the AusAaid (actually, ALA !) scholarship this year to study the Ph.D. in Australia.

As it is the success of Goettingen Alumnii, we would like to congratulate the person for this success! You made us proud! We are very happy by knowing this.

I have not mentioned the name of that person untill now. And, now I would like to request the Goettingeli community to guess the name of that person! The person who knows perfectly about the name of Awardee, would win the prize however the prize to be awarded to is still hidden!

Guess guys! Guess! And, write to me about your guess!! Good luck!!!

23 PhD/Masters Scholarships in Sustainable Forestry

The CRC for Forestry links 25 forest sector partners around Australia, and 5 universities (The Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, Murdoch University, Southern Cross University and the University of Tasmania).

Closing date: 31st October, 2008.

See website for details: http://www.crcforestry.com.au

Full scholarships (minimum $26,140) or top-ups to other scholarships (minimum $6,133) are available in the following topic areas:

PROGRAMME 1: Managing and Monitoring for Growth and Health

1. 'Linking tree health and growth in Pinus radiata plantations: application to productivity assessment and forest health surveillance'
- Full scholarship
- University of Melbourne (Postgrad Programs)
Contacts: Dr Peter Ades: 03-8344-5036 or Dr Ian Smith: 03-9450-8647

2. 'Overstorey/understorey water relations in eucalypt forests'
- Top-up scholarship
- University of Tasmania (Plant Science)
Contact: Dr Tony O'Grady: 03-6226-7963

PROGRAMME 2: High-value wood resources

3. 'Genomics of eucalypt wood properties'
- Top-up scholarship
- University of Tasmania (Plant Science)
Contacts: Associate Professor René Vaillancourt: 03-6226-7137 or Dr Dorothy Steane: 03-6226-1828.

4. 'Effect of silviculture on wood properties in eucalypt plantations managed for high-value timber production'
- Full scholarship
- University of Melbourne (Forest & Ecosystem Science)
Contact: Dr Tom Baker: 03-9250-6836

5. 'The phenology and physiology of branch senescence and occlusion: risk of defect in plantation eucalypts'
- Top-up scholarship
- University of Tasmania (Agricultural Science)
Contact: Dr Caroline Mohammed: 03-6237-5654

PROGRAMME 3: Harvesting and operations

6-8. Three full scholarships amongst several topics:
* 'Optimised performance-based, designed trucks for forestry transportation in Australia'
* 'Optimised logistic planning and management for forestry transportation'
* 'Affecting change with contractors while maintaining an independent business relationship'
* 'Promoting the acceptance and adoption of new technology and work methods within the forestry workforce'
* 'Quantify the impact of alternative harvesting systems on the production capacity, cost and effectiveness of harvest operations'
* 'Implementation of operational tracking technology for improved resource management and machine productivity'
- University of Melbourne (Forest & Ecosystem Science)
Contact: Mr Mark Brown: 03-5321-4188

PROGRAMME 4: Trees in the landscape:


9. 'Biogeochemical cycling and habitats in small headwater streams - assessing the effects of forest management'
- Top-up scholarship
- University of Tasmania (School of Zoology)
Contact: Dr Leon Barmuta: 03-6226-2785

10. 'Forest water use and catchment hydrology'
- Full scholarship
- University of Melbourne (Forest & Ecosystem Science)
Contact: Dr Patrick Lane: 03-8344-0738

11. 'Water quality dynamics and processes in forested landscapes'
- Full scholarship
- University of Melbourne (Forest & Ecosystem Science)
Contact: Dr Patrick Lane: 03-8344-0738


12. 'Insect biodiversity and plantation health'
- Full scholarship
- University of Melbourne (Forest & Ecosystem Science)
Contact: Mr Nick Collett: 03-9450-8642.

13. 'Genetic diversity in eucalypts'
- Top-up scholarship
- University of Tasmania (Plant Science)
Contacts: Associate Professor René Vaillancourt: 03-6226-7137), Dr Dorothy Steane: 03-6226-1828 or Professor Brad Potts: 03-6226-2641

14-15. 'Eucalypt gene pool management - genetic diversity in ash group eucalypts (E. regnans and E. delegatensis)'
- One full and one half scholarship
- University of Melbourne (Forest & Ecosystem Science)
Contact: Dr Peter Ades: 03-8344-5036

16. 'Gene flow from eucalypt plantations'
- Full scholarship
- Southern Cross University (Plant Conservation Genetics)
Contact: Dr Mervyn Shepherd: 02-6620-3412

17. 'Gene flow from eucalypt plantations'
Top-up scholarship
- University of Tasmania (Plant Science)
Contact: Professor Brad Potts (03) 6226 2641

18. 'Carbon balance and decay'
- Top-up scholarship
- University of Tasmania (Plant Science)
Contacts: Mark Hovenden: 03-6226-7874, Simon Grove: 03-6233-8141

19. 'The chemical ecology of attractants for the management of eucalypt feeding insects in plantations'
- Top-up scholarship
- University of Tasmania (Agricultural Science)
Contact: Dr Geoff Allen: 03-6226-2732

20. 'Biodiversity management'
- Top-up scholarship
- Murdoch University (Program for Australian Tree Health)
Contact: Dr Treena Burgess: 08-9360-7537


21. 'Socio-economic impacts of forestry'
- Top-up scholarship
- Australian National University
Contact: Jacki Schirmer: 02-6125-2737

22. 'Community attitudes towards plantation forestry'
- Full scholarship
- University of Melbourne (Resource Management & Geography)
Contact: Dr Kathryn Williams: 03-8344-3094, mobile: 0407-814-544

23. 'Community engagement'
- Top-up scholarship
- University of Tasmania (Agricultural Science)
Contact: Frank Vanclay: 03-6226-2618, mobile: 0409-213-397

See website for details: http://www.crcforestry.com.au

Closing date: 31st October, 2008.

Australian Scholarship (Ph.D.) for Goettingeli Alumnii

It is very happy news to all of us living in Goettingen. I got to know that from Australian Embassy sources, one of our Goettingeli Alumnii got the AusAaid (actually, ALA !) scholarship this year to study the Ph.D. in Australia.

As it is the success of Goettingen Alumnii, we would like to congratulate the person for this success! You made us proud! We are very happy by knowing this.

I have not mentioned the name of that person untill now. And, now I would like to request the Goettingeli community to guess the name of that person! The person who knows perfectly about the name of Awardee, would win the prize however the prize to be awarded to is still hidden by me!

Guess guys! Guess! And, write to me about your guess!! Good luck!!!

Friday, 26 September 2008

GoNeS congratulates Dr. Ajaya Kunwar

Though it has been late however I am trying to upload some of memorable movie clips from the Ph.D. graduation ceremony of Dr. Ajaya Jang Kunwar.

Many many congratulations to him!


A CHATAKE in Verona, Italy

This is the Street magician performing at the street of Verona, Italy. Street Magician (CHATAKE) are the same wherever are they, but in Italy, they were seemed well dressed and well respected. They are able to collect plenty of money after each performance.


Thursday, 25 September 2008

Hercules in Kassel, Germany

This is the popular and marvellous castle constructed in the long past at Kassel Germany. This building is one of the major tourist attraction in the region.


Wednesday, 24 September 2008

PM Prachanda welcome by G. Bush

The president of the USA George Bush (Junior) welcoming the prime minister of Nepal, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Prachanda in Newyork. It is interestingly important because the former Guerilla rebels, Maoist Chairman, and his party is still in the "Terror Organisation List" of the USA. The Maoist won the last election in Nepal therefore Prachanda became the first elected prime minister in Republic Nepal. The welcome by Bush, is also the support to the former rebellion to transform to the democratic force! Read more...

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

"Rajendra" is dying due to Hunger Strike

Donot shock by the name "Rajendra" since the man whom you might have thought cannot live without food for few days. So, it is unimaginable that this "Rajendra" can stay in longer Hunger Strike.

Actually, I am going to talk about one Nepalese Agriculture Engineer Rajendra Devkota (Age 50 years) staying in Hunger strike in Belgium since 78 days. He can barely walk after 78 days of his hunger strike. He seems quite weak and this photo tells more about this. When asked 'how many more days will you continue this strike?',he responds: "I'm alone with my body. I can't think about what I'll do today or tomorrow." He further says that "Dying is no longer a problem for me."

Devkota and seven other people on hunger strikes are being cared at the Latin America House in Brussels. Devkota is from Nepal,and others are from-the Ivory Coast, Congo, Guinea, Brazil and Iran. The hunger strikes are being conducted by illegal immigrants or asylum seekers whose applications for residency permits to stay in Belgium are pending or have been rejected.

Doctor Julie Gosuin visits the hunger strikers every day to weigh them, take their blood pressure and dispense pain killers. "They are in a bad way," she says, "These people are in pain, they can't even tell if they're thirsty anymore. There may be heart problems. Something dangerous could happen at any moment."

I think that the condition of Nepal is improving a lot since 2-3 years. We need to return there and work for the betterment of our country and people. The qualified person like him, should return back to country and serve the nation rather seeking assylum in foreign land. We would like to extend our best wishes for his early recovery from all pains and diffcult situations and return back to Nepal to serve his needy people.

Ph.D. graduation ceremony from Institute of Forest Genetics, Goettingen University

This is the Ph.D. graduation ceremony for Taye Bekele Ayele, Ethiopia at institute of forest genetics and tree breeding at Goettingen University. He passed Ph.D. with Magna Cumlaude (Very good)grading.

Dr. Ayele did his Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Reiner Finkeldey. He has studied the genetic aspects of OF A CRITICALLY ENDANGERED TREE SPECIES FROM AFRICA, HAGENIA ABYSSINICA (BRUCE) J.F. GMEL.
We would like to congratulate him for this great achievement and wish to extend our best wishes in his coming professional life.


Nepal makes minor progress in combating corruption

Nepal makes minor headway in combating corruption

Corruption watchdog Transparency International (TI) has ranked Nepal as 121st corrupt country scoring 2.7 points among 180 countries surveyed worldwide in its new report. TI had ranked Nepal in the 131 position with 2.5 points last year.

Despite improvement in tackling corruption Nepal still remains as a 'corrupt nation' as a country scoring below 5 points indicates serious corruption problem in the pubic sector. Only Bhutan scored points above 5 in south Asia.

The TI raised concern over poor action against corruption, instead rewarding those having accused of corruption in Nepal. 'Ex-ministers, such as Chrinjibi Wagle and Govinda Raj Joshi, who both have cases pending in the courts, have nonetheless been inducted into the legislature as parliamentarians," the report said.

It further adds, "Serial bank defaulters who willfully fail to pay back loans face no punitive action, although the Amatya Group was forced to pay back more than US$44 million," adding, "Warrants to arrest embezzlers and fraudsters are not acted upon."

TI said allegedly corrupt influential people are freed by the Special Court on flimsy pretexts. It is a situation in which the rule of law has been compromised and impunity prevails.

TI has also raised concern over prevailing corruption in Melamchi project, which could not complete in the last one and half decade.


Sunday, 21 September 2008

Nepalese Stall in Goettingen

Yesterday, Goettingen Municipality organised a programme about the children from alll over the world. There were around 60 stalls from roughly 50 countries. Among them, one was about Nepal. When I reached there with my children, it was surprising to me because the install was set up by Germans. There were none Nepalese, few German were displaying some informatin about Nepalese children. There were some Nepalese flags printed on paper. The flags they made on the Windows paint brush programme hence looks quite funny! We respect their feelings and love towards Nepal. There efforts are really praise worthy.

There were many other stalls about different countries and there were the people from their respective countries describing or demonstrating about their lovely nation. But, we didnot know these things and missed the opportunities. All the costs were born by Goettingen Municipality. We will think to participate in next year programme.


This is the beautiful Kassel City in Germany

The city is clean, Green and Wealthy city of Germany.


Saturday, 20 September 2008

Ship Building at Amsterdam

This is the famous building in the shape of Ship made by famous Italian architect.


Friday, 19 September 2008

PM Prachanda does not know who is which minister in his cabinet!

Today, I was watching the NTV news about the resignation of Matrika Yadav, while I heard the short comments from Prime minister Prachanda about the action taken to Matrika, he was saying "Ban Mantri (Forest Minister)" Matrika Yadav!

Oh! prime minister Prachanda! Is Matrika Yadav the Forest Minister in your cabinet? Certainly not! Present Forest Minister is Kiran Gurung whereas Matrika Yadav is the minister for Land Reform. He was former Forest Minister in the cabinet of Girija Koirala.

This mis quote displays that the present cabinet is too big (Jumbo), so it is difficult to know and remember each and every minister correctly. So, why not to reduce the size of cabinet so that he can remember all of his ministers and also the burden to national treasury!

If you want to watch that movie, you can watch on the archive of Nepalnews.com Read more...

Goettingeli Nepalese Samaj contributed in Koshi Flood Victim Funds

As the koshi flood victims suffering more, we the following Nepalese student supported the relief fund established by Nepal Redcross Society. At the beginning, we approached and requested the popular bloggist Umesh Shrestha jee (www.mysansar.com) via email to collect our contribution and work for the Koshi victims. At that time, he might not have idea about this or he might have been busy with other works, hence denied to get our helps on the background of his small team may be insufficient to properly handle the work.

Then we approached Nepal Redcross Society and transferred our money to its account. We transferred 75 € to the Nepal Red cross, and paid 25.35 euro extra for the transfer charge. Altogether, we could contribute around 100 euro to Koshi Victims. Last year also, we collected 200 euro and assisted Nepalese Student Society in Germany, to hand over the money to the Koshi victim relief funds established by Prime minister Fund. For this year the contributor are as follows:
  • Dr. Ajaya Jang Kunwar...........14.19 Euro
  • Netra Bhandari.....................14.19 Euro
  • Devraj Gautam.....................14.19 Euro
  • Bharat Budthapa..................14.19 Euro
  • Lok Nath Poudel..................10.19 Euro (+6 days officer's Salary via. Nepal Government)
  • Rajendra K. C.....................14.19 Euro
  • Jeetendra Mahat.................14.19 Euro
  • Prem Neupane (Dresden)...........5 Euro
(The date of transfer to Nepal Redcross Society's account 4 September, 2008)
As all of us, are living here in Goettingen as the student life without any jobs. So, the money collected could be seen as only the small amount but the sentiment attached is realy great! We are thankful to all of our friends contributing to the fund and hope the same will be continued in future also.


Dante is the well known poet in the World. He was born in Italy but got fame throughout the world with his genuine and brilliant writings.
I was only studying about some literature by him but never thought about where was his birth place. When I visited Verona, Italy, I found his marvellous and full sized sculptor describing about him and his work, I spellbounded. This is the short movie clip about it. Please watch it in the "High Quality" via You tube, and donot forget to rotate my ears by writing comments or feedbacks.


Transformation to Dr. Ajaya from Mr. Ajaya

This is the short movie clip taken the day of convocation of Ajaya Kunwar. The campaigne broken at the jubilation of PhD degree, was featured beautifully by me. Please enjoy the clip in "High Quality" by You tube. Donot forget to post your comments and feed backs.


New Budget in Nepal

झण्डै सवा दुई खर्ब रुपियाँको बजेट ल्याउने तयारी

डा. बाबुराम भट्टराई
अर्थमन्त्रीले बजेटको आकार ठूलो भएपनि त्यो यथार्थको सिमाभित्रै रहने बताएका छन्, नेकपा माओवादीको नेतृत्वको सरकारले शुक्रवार सवा दुई खर्ब रुपियाँको हाराहारीको बजेट प्रस्तुत गर्ने, सरकारका उच्च स्रोतहरुले जनाएका छन्।

अघिल्लो वर्ष पौने दुई खर्ब रुपियाँको बजेट प्रस्तुत गरीएको थियो। अर्थमन्त्री डा बाबुराम भट्टराईले पनि बिहीवार बजेटको आकार बढ्ने संकेत दिएका छन्। संविधानसभामा प्रतिनिधित्व गर्ने २५ दलका प्रतिनिधिहरुसंग कुरा गर्ने क्रममा उनले त्यस्तो संकेत दिएपनि ठ्याक्कै बजेट रकम कति हुन्छ भनेर खुलाएनन्।

डा भट्टराईले भने, "गणतन्त्रपछिको पहिलो बजेट भएकोले सबैले सबै चीज पुगोस भन्ने चाहेका छन्। त्यसकारण यसको आकार धेरै ठूलो हुन पुग्छ। तर हामीले यसलाई यथार्थ धरातलमा रहेर तथा विद्यमान राजस्वका श्रोतलाई ध्यानमा राखेरै बनाएका छौं।" नेकपा माओवादीको नेतृत्वको सरकारले प्रस्तुत गर्न लागेको पहिलो बजेटलाई नजिकबाट नियालिरहेका विज्ञहरुले बजेटको आकार ठूलो बनाइएमा देशले धान्न नसक्ने चिन्ता व्यक्त गरेका छन्।

एकजना अर्थविद डा. विश्वम्भर प्याकु-यालका अनुसार ठूलो आकारको बजेट बनाएमा त्यसले बजेट घाटा बेस्सरी बढाउनुको साथै मूल्यवृद्धिलाई अनियन्त्रित बनाउन सक्छ।

तीव्र वृद्धि

अर्थमन्त्रीले नयाँ बजेटले देशको आर्थिक वृद्धिलाई तीव्र बनाउने दावी गरेका थिए। "आगामी वर्षको आर्थिक वृद्धिदर सात प्रतिशत तथा तीन वर्षमा दोहोरो अंकमा पुर्याउने लक्ष्य छ," उनले जनाए। राजस्वको प्रमुख स्रोत मूल्य अभीवृद्धि करलाई बहुदर प्रणालीमा लैजाने नीति बजेटले ल्याउने बताइएको बेला निजी क्षेत्रको विश्वास जित्ने कसरतमा करका दरहरुलाई धेरै नचलाउने संकेतपनि डा भट्टराईले दिएका थिए।
"अहिले अनावश्यकरुपमा दरहरु बढाउनुभन्दा पनि दायराहरुनै बढाउन उपयुक्त हुन्छ भन्ने हामीले ठानेका छौं। किनभने निजी क्षेत्रलाई आकर्षित नगरीकन हामीले लक्ष्य प्राप्त गर्न सक्दैनौं," उनले बताए।


नयाँ बजेटका प्राथमिकताहरु भने पुरानै हुने भएको छ। कृषि, जलश्रोत, पर्यटन, पूर्वाधार निर्माण, जनशक्ति तथा औद्योगिकरणलाई बजेटले क्रमैसंग प्राथमिकता दिने अर्थमन्त्रीको भनाइ थियो। Read more...

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Romantic Gondola at venice, Itlay

Gondola is very famous and traditional way for water recreation in Venice. It can go anywhere ( I mean in and out of city) since the city is surrounded by water and its canals. I have not seen Gondola moving in Grand canal and see however it goes canal inlet. This would be very romantic moments to travel in Gondola.

You can watch clearer movie clips on "wathc in High Quality" mode of youtube.


Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Ajaya with national Cap

Our beloved national cap is in a glorious ceremony at Goettingen, Germany.


Income tax rate in Germany

The income tax in Germany is one of the lowest among OECD countries. The income tax contributes around 21 percentage in the GDP of Germany. The tax varies from 15 % to 45 %. Tax rate
The income tax rate, according to which the PAYE tax is calculated under consideration of the allowances and lump sums to be assessed for employees, is the core of the Income Tax Act. The structure of the income tax rate is determined to a major degree by the fact that the tax burden must be adjusted to the financial requirements of the state and - under the aspect of fiscal justice and for social reasons - the capacity of the taxpayer.
A basic personal allowance is deducted from taxable income; it is EUR 7,664 for single persons and EUR 15,329 for married couples.
The minimum tax rate is 15%. To start with, this rate increases progressively up to a rate of 42% for a taxable income of EUR 52,152 / EUR 104,304 (single persons/ married couples). If taxable income reaches EUR 250,000 / EUR 500,000 (single persons/ married couples), the tax rate is 45%. These are so-called marginal tax rates.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Ph.D. graduation ceremony of Ajaya Jung Kunwar


Earning "interests" from German Banks

Sharing beneficial information among Goettingeli and other people living in Germany:

(Other people can also share such beneficial information to us via. this blog or emails to make others life easier, the information can be anything from Scholarship available to job offers, from cheap market price to places to see etc.)

Generally, we nepalese lacks in sharing the information that we have. Even our information might benefit others without harming our own benefits, people donot want to share. Since this is the age of information sharing. People use to say that "information is the power" however we have to work a lot in this aspects. Nepalese are lacking behind to other nationals inside or outside the country due to lack of information sharing among themselves. Many opportunities used to be missed or snatched by others due to lack of information.

If some of our friends living in Germany would like to save some money, here is some suggestions. The Deutsche Bank and such other bank are providing opportunities to gain interest to the hard earned money of the people. They give interests on the fixed deposits of clients. But the fix deposits should be above than 2500 Euro.

People can get approximately 3.5% interests for half yearly deposits, and around 5 percent for yearly deposits. To open the fixed deposit account, the bank doesnot charge any monthly fee.

So, if someone is interested to earn little bit money, he is advised to save their money in fixed deposits account of Deutsche or such other banks.

The procedure of depositing is quite easier. We just need the bank cards and such other things. And, the time needed is just 20 minutes for whole operation.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Nepal PM sets to rest doubts about China ties

NEW DELHI: In an attempt to allay India's apprehension about growing proximity between Nepal and China, visiting Nepalese PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' on Monday said his country's ties with India were crucial and vital.

Prachanda, who is on a five-day visit to India, added that Nepal's ties with India could not be compared with his country's relations with Beijing.

Prachanda, who arrived in Delhi on Sunday evening, made the remarks at a meeting organized by CII and FICCI.

"Due to our specific culture, history and tradition of economic inter-dependence, relations with India are crucial and vital. Although we also want to develop relations with China, they cannot be compared right now," Prachanda said.

Later in the evening, Prachanda met PM Manmohan Singh and the two leaders discussed several issues including the 1954 Kosi river treaty. The Nepal foreign minister had earlier admitted that a breach in the embankment of the river in Nepal had resulted in the devastating flood which affected millions in Bihar.

India wants the treaty to be implemented properly to avoid such disasters in the future. Under the Kosi treaty, which provides for flood control, irrigation management and hydro-power generation, the Bihar government has been entrusted with the task of managing Kosi till 2153.

The leaders also discussed the 1950 Trade and Transit Treaty between the two countries. The Nepal PM said he wanted the treaty to be reviewed or even replaced with a new one. Sources said the security issue also cropped up and India expressed concerns about Nepal becoming a safe haven for ISI operatives.

There is a growing perception in India that Nepal is likely to drift towards China after Prachanda's coming to power. Prachanda's visit to Beijing during the Olympics soon after he took over only added to the notion. The PM later clarified that the visit to Beijing was only for Games.

University of Hannover


Friday, 12 September 2008

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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Farewell party to our Chinese friend Meng and Xing Ming Wang


Climate Change, Agenda for All

In 1997 the Kyoto treaty was set-up to consider what can be done to reduce Global warming. The treaty was established by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) involving most world countries with the exception of America.

Almost one decade later, as the scientific understanding of climate change and its likely impacts become clearer, a number of nations have approved an addition to the treaty the Kyoto Protocol, in order to standardise a number of more powerful and legally binding measures.

In May 2006 the Bonn Conference saw delegates from 165 countries meet to discuss how to further strengthen international cooperation to reduce emissions of heat-trapping gases and to respond to climate change impacts.

Much emphasis has been put on the promotion of economic incentives to promote action to reduce emissions - for both industrialized and developing countries.

The wide-ranging presentations of possible approaches included incentives for developing countries to mitigate climate change, ensuring cooperation on research and development and the transfer of cleaner technologies. Delegates expressed strong support for the role of the carbon market and the need to find new ways to involve the private sector in climate protection.

The Conference also highlighted issues faced by less industrialised countries who also face problems related to climate change. In Canada's Arctic region, the changes noted by the Inuit community - such as melting permafrost, changes in sea ice and the arrival of new migratory animal species - has raised the need to address adaptation measures.

It is crucial that such measures are introduced if we are are to cope with Global warming. The latest evidence collated by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicts that the global average temperature will rise by between 1.5C and 4.5C if human activities double the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.

Fortunately talks on Climate Change between the 165 countries involved are set to continue until at least 2012 when the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol ends.

Find out more about government policies on reducing carbon emissions

Read what the experts have to say on Climate Chaos Read more...

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Monday, 8 September 2008

What a problem that a poor Nepali man is facing!

He is the Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, 46 years old from Taplejung, Nepal. He has the tumours which is more than 20 kilograms. Since few decades, he has been troubled by this problem. Doctors, after preliminary examinations, said that all these are due to the lack of Iodine during childhood.
He has been facing extreme difficulties from the heavy weight of these tumours. Being a poor family, he doesnot have access to the modern medical facilities. Is there anyone to support him?


Sunday, 7 September 2008

Nepalese Doctor Faces Numerous Charges In Fatal Turnpike Accident

A doctor is accused of hitting and killing a motorcyclist with his car on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in northern Allegheny County after leading police on a high-speed chase early Thursday morning. Pennsylvania State Police said the motorcyclist -- Keith Brown, 46, of Green Bay, Wis. -- was struck near mile-marker 33 in Pine Township at about 5 a.m. Police said the driver who hit the motorcyclist is Shiva Lal Acharya, 33 (pictured below). Trooper Robin Mungo of the Pennsylvania State Police says Lal Acharya, who is a medical doctor from Illinois, ran from the crash scene. Mungo also says Lal Acharya's troubles began hours earlier when Ohio police tried to pull him over for speeding.
"The suspect appeared as though he was going to stop. But after a mile and a half he increased his speed hoping to elude the patrolman. They reached speeds up to 130 mph before the officer called off the 23-mile pursuit at the state line," Mungo said.
Mungo told WTAE the doctor never slowed his BMW down and instead made one bad decision after another, ending with the death of an innocent man. "It's surprising when anyone leaves a scene. No one should ever leave the scene of a crash no matter what type of degree you have," Mungo said. But in this case, police said the degree may have mattered because the man who should by law have rendered aid is a man who makes a living saving lives. Following the crash at about 4:10 a.m., Lal Acharya ran into some nearby woods and was located after 8 a.m. following a search that included several police agencies on the ground and a helicopter above the area, police said. When he was arrested, police say Lal Acharya was wearing shorts, a T-shirt and no shoes, with visible head and leg injuries. He was taken into custody on several charges, including homicide by vehicle, hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident and other traffic violations. Investigators said Lal Acharya had been on his way to Easton, Pa., for a job interview. Eastbound lanes of the Pennsylvania Turnpike were closed and traffic was detoured until 8:42 a.m. because of the fatal crash.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

CT Scan Report

I have been troubled with severe headache and eye burning throughout last two weeks. This is the CT scan Xray for my head. After the examination, everything is evaluated as all fine. The reports from different kind of blood tests are also very good. From Blood Pressure to Blood sugar and cholesterol levels are absolutely ok.

How could the DFO work under this situation?!

District Forest Officer of Banke, Mr. Hem Aryal is going to be taken into the partly enclosed in his chamber by Youth Force Nepal. Youth Force Nepal is a sister organisation of Unified Marxist and Leninist. What a nonsense that the sister organisation of rulling parties are taking law into their hands.
One organization is forcing him to release the arrested culprits, and another is forcing him to take back the released person. What a dubious characteristics! How can a honest government officer work under this kind of pressures.
DFO Hem Aryal is well known for his intellectuality and honesty not only among the fellow colleagues but among the civil societies and people.
He has arrested the timber smuggler, Udi Ram Oli, who was smuggling timber from proposed "JANA EKTA WOMEN COMMUNITY FOREST" in Banke. It is not allowed to harvest and sale any kind of proposed Community forestry since it is not legally handed over to the people. The rulling Maoist party forced the DFO to release the culprits. DFO couldnot resist the pressure from major rulling party, NCP (Maoist) so released the culprits. Just after the release of culprits, the YFN, the newly formed sister organisation of another rulling party NCP (UML) took action against the DFO to give pressure to rearrest the released person.
DFO rightly said that he will take the appropriate action if and only if he is allowed to work in fair and neutral situation. I have full support to him regarding his endeavor. Read more...

Crossing 100 Kilometer per hour in Skateboard!

Can you imagine that the maximum speed that one can travel on SKATE? Skate doesnot use to have any extra source of energy such as fuel, electricity, battery. Nothing is there, but a stuntman with the help of initial force exerted with fast moving motorcycle exceeded the speed of 100 kilometer per hour.

The skater run on the German Highway near to Munich on June. The stuntman is still unidentified, but German Police is searching for that man, because he has broken the safety rule of German Highway.

Germany is only the country in the world where there is not control in speed limit in the road. Government tried many times to impose the speed limiting rule but couldnot since people have opposed strongly about this. Crossing one hundred twenty kiometer per hours is quite common.

The German police is searching that man because that might be dangerous to other fast moving cars and the drivers. What a strict rule! What a caring Government!! Can we imagine that your intention to break some record, might be violating others right endangering their life, and it is punisheable in the countries like ours!


Thursday, 4 September 2008

Gender Discrimination in Germany

Universities Rewarded for Hiring Women Professors:
Only one in six professors in Germany is a woman. But Germany's Education Ministry is trying to redress the huge gender imbalance. It is giving 79 universities extra funding to employ more female lecturers and professors.
Chancellor Angela Merkel may be running the country, but for many other women in Germany, the glass ceiling is firmly in place -- with one of the biggest gender pay gaps in the European Union and a glaring absence of women in top management positions. So it comes as no surprise that women also find it difficult to forge ahead in the male-dominated world of German academia.
While women make up 50 percent of the student body, they only account for 40 percent of those pursuing doctorates. Once you start going up the stairs in the ivory tower, the presence of women becomes even rarer. Only 24 percent of university lecturers are women, and a paltry 15 percent of the country's 38,000 tenured professors are female.
The German Education Ministry is hoping to make a dent in those figures by paying the salary of between one and three female professors or lecturers at universities that prove a commitment to redressing this gender imbalance. On Wednesday, Education Minister Annette Schavan, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats, revealed the results of the first round of a competition for getting these extra funds.
The government has committed €150 million ($216 million) to its equal-opportunities program for universities, with the aim of eventually creating 200 additional posts for highly qualified female academics. Each post will be funded for five years -- to the tune of €150,000 a year -- with the federal government and the states splitting the costs between them. In the first of two rounds, a 15-member jury selected 79 successful universities out of a total of 113 bids, which represented around a third of all German universities.
To secure the funding, the universities had to submit plans that proved that they wanted get more women into top academic positions by changing the structures at the university in a long-term and sustainable way. Universities from 15 of the 16 German federal states secured the funding. All five applications from the state of Saxony were turned down, while both Berlin and Hesse had all of their applications approved.
Announcing the results of the selection process on Wednesday, Schavan said the program was designed to "promote more excellent female researchers to top positions." She added that it should give young women "role models and motivation for their own academic careers," while "female talent in leading positions will give research and development a new boost."

Free vaccination for immunization in Goettingen

The city office used to provide free immunization facility to children. Every first Thursday of a month, they use to provide costly vaccination free of cost to all children. They use to provide Polio (IPV), Tetanus, Diptheria, Keuchhusten, HiB, Hepatitis B, Masern, Mumps, Röteln vaccines. For the free vaccine, parents are requested to bring them to Theaterplatz-4. The parents should not forget to bring the previous vaccination history of their children.

All the vaccinations are absolutely free of cost. And, the doctors are very helpful and kind to see as much as possible children there for vaccination.

The next day for vaccination is 02 October, 06 November and 04 December, 2008. The time for vaccination is 2 pm to 4 pm.

The address are as follows:
Hauptstelle Göttingen
Theaterplatz 4 (just infront of City hall)
37073 Goettingen
Tel: (0551) 400-4802/03
Fax: (0551) 400-4930

Future president of the USA in foot...

Barrack Obama in her feet. His popularity is so high, everywhere is he now a days. Can we suppose that "Prachanda" or "Girija" or "Madhav" in the place of Obama as seen on the photo. Certainly not, they will feel the insult to be in the foot of others. But, look the Americans......it doesnot make them insulted whereever they are kept. Similarly the national flag can be printed even in the inner garments such as Bra or Panty. But, we cannot keep our national flag in our vehicle or in our homeyard.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Wonderful Traffic Management in Goettingen, Germany

You can see the traffic rules and management in Goettingen. There is no traffic police, but people used to behave so well that there is no need to any kind of traffic controller. Enjoy the video taken by me and provide feed backs to us....


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Monday, 1 September 2008

The Vice-President: His Duty, Status and Demand

The election to the post of first Vice-President (VP), let alone the President, of the Republic of Nepal is not an easy one as our recent experience suggests. No one knows it better than VP Pramananda Jha. Before the election, the name of the post itself was sufficient to excite the candidates. In that process very few seem to care about the nature of the job and the responsibility that the office holder has to carry overtime. Now, Mr. Pramananda Jha has fully realized that his job is not different from the one described by the first Vice-President of the United States of America Mr. John Adams. He described his job as "the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived". More than a century after Mr. Adams, John Nance Garner, the first Vice-President under Roosevelt, dismissed the job of Vice-President "as not worth a pitcher of warm piss". In the words of Mr. Jha too, "Except working as the head of state in the absence of the President, the constitution has not given any role to the Vice-President". In that sense, the responsibility of Nepal's Vice-President is still less than that of the United States, where the Vice-President has at least to chair the meeting of the Senate.

In the United States, where nine of the Vice-Presidents have gone on to be Presidents due to death or resignation of the President, the job of the Vice-President is always taken very lightly by the public at all levels. As the story goes, it is said that a man had two sons. One of them was a teacher of a primary school and his great grandson is now a professor in a college in the south. It is said that the other son was elected to the post of Vice- President and nobody knew nothing about him and his family after that.

We will not be surprised if Mr. Jha's comment, after some time, would become more harsh than that. First of all, it is a temporary post for a limited period of a government whose main job is to frame the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nepal. Secondly, the responsibility of his boss, the President, is only ceremonial, unlike the President of the United States, and, he, therefore, cannot provide any task to keep him busy.

Nevertheless, the Vice-President, talking to a selected media person at his office in Bahadur Bhaban- it is easy to wonder why he visits his office and how he passes his time there - said that "Time has come to give more responsibility to the President and the Vice-President. My opinion is that all things should go to the President through me. I have talked to the President in this regard." We do not know the response of the President but a detail study of his talk with the media shows that he has no respect for public money. Mr. Jha is trying to create another layer of bureaucracy with tax money by creating a post of Co-President.

He, therefore, proposed to increase the size of his office staff for nothing. According Himalayan News Service, "Jha urged the government to appoint press, political and foreign advisors to him. The Vice-President also called the government to provide funds to him so that he can provide relief to the helpless people, who frequent his office every day". Mr. Jha also asked the Constituent Assembly to make arrangements for his participation in CA sessions (The Himalayan Times, August 21, 2008). We will leave the reader to make his own conclusion from this observation coming from a man of Mr. Jha's position.(We have not touched his problem with the public due to his use of language in the swearing in ceremony at Shital Niwas and the case related with that in the Supreme Court).

The government has to be careful not to waste a single rupee to fulfill the demand of a person for whom we can show only pity for holding such a worthless job. We knew in the election that he represented the people, the strength of the people and he won the election. It was, however, not because of his character but because of method used by the political party that he was affiliated with at that time. Now he is only the Vice-President. It will remain so. We must remain unchanged. Respect for public money most remain the supreme goal for every government. Read more...