Monday, 29 September 2008

Australian Scholarship (Ph.D.) to Goettingeli Alumnii

Please Guess the name before you start reading this happy news!

It is very happy news to all of us living in Goettingen. I got to know that from Australian Embassy sources, one of our Goettingeli Alumnii got the AusAaid (actually, ALA !) scholarship this year to study the Ph.D. in Australia.

As it is the success of Goettingen Alumnii, we would like to congratulate the person for this success! You made us proud! We are very happy by knowing this.

I have not mentioned the name of that person untill now. And, now I would like to request the Goettingeli community to guess the name of that person! The person who knows perfectly about the name of Awardee, would win the prize however the prize to be awarded to is still hidden!

Guess guys! Guess! And, write to me about your guess!! Good luck!!!

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Lok Nath Paudel said...

I am sure that he is the lucky man, Mr. Dallakoti! Congratulation Dallakotiji!!
Lok Nath Paudel