Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Saturday, 25 July 2009

GöNeS alumni participated in Blood Donation at USA

Amid an especial program at the University of Maine, a Blood drive was organized in cooperation with American Red Cross in July 13, 2009. Number of people; students and employee donated blood.

It was a proud of me and my pleasure to get this opportunity of donating blood even in abroad. Rigorous examinations and history exploration make it really difficult to be accepted.
This is good summer time in Maine, full of greenery, lots of joys and entertainment.

Goettengeli Alumni

Its my great pleasure to be an Alumni member of Nepali Society in Goettingen. Read more...

Excellence Initiative of Goettingen University

World renowned university; Georg August University, has started many initiative to establish it as the center of excellence in the research. Among many, to attract young scientist and researchers, they have started many activities, which is mainly targeted to "Brain gain".
In video, we can see a short interview of 30 years old Professor. It looks like incredible to get such a big achievement at a young age! Read more...

Thursday, 23 July 2009

What is this? Drama or Intuition?!

It is very difficult to understand what is our Prime minister Madhav Kumar Nepal doing there! Is he playing a drama? I am surprised with the pityful condition of the hospital, saline water hanging on the wall instead of any stand. What does that mean to him and policy maker? Probably nothing.

If they have small headache or little vomitting, they immediately run to APOLLO or AIMS New delhi, but for the poor people from rural areas has to sacrifice their life without any treatment. Many children loss their life in the absence of Cetamol, Jeevan Jal or such basic medicines!


Sunday, 19 July 2009

DAAD scholarship holders meet at Hannover

It is already one month back there was a meeting of DAAD Scholarship Holders at Hannover from 19-21 June 2009. All the scholarship holders who are studying in different universities in the North Block of Germany were participated in this meeting. More than 350 students including their spouses and children were meet together . These students were represented different 49 countries of the world.

DAAD has divided Germany into two parts namely South and North Block to manage the Scholarship Programme. The interactive plenary discussion between the DAAD officials and scholarship holders was wonderful programme. The meeting was unique in terms of gathering different groups of people from different countries in the same place. The presentation on cross-cutting th
emes of climate change, natural resources management, earth system, banking and economics etc were also made.
The socialization programme, visit to different historical parts of Hannover, visit to Sea Life, dancing in the Discotheque were the major attractions of the meeting. For children there were separate entertainment programme by the child specialists.

In the meeting altogether more than 20 Nepalese including scholarship holders, spouses and children from different University of Germany were actively participated.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Memorable visit to New Botanical Garden of University

Children with their parents under the marvellous architecture, explaining about the formation of continents. The gate belongs to Department of Geology of Georg August University, Goettingen.

On the way returning to apartment, around 6:30 pm, again the sky turned black with dark clouds and started to rain. But it was for very short time.
Even Aarju was happy to visit this place!
Everybody is fascinated with the beautiful landscape, different kinds of plants & their management!
Small wooden bridge connects botanical garden with nearby Forest !
This is the den made of Cupressus Branches! Children posing like Lion living in the den!
Kalpana Bhauju also liked these flowers!
Cizita is more than happy to shot with these beautiful flowers!
After long walks, why not to relax for a while!
Children learned many things about different flower, their cultivation and importance!
Everyone like to be captured with the beautiful scene !
This place is attractive for everyone!
Cizita is also practicing meditation there !
Avi Raman is practicing meditation on the rock.
Even small kids like Aarju has enjoyed and experienced small aggregates !
Children enjoying above the big rocks. They are seemed in different mood!
On the way, we taught children about Elternhaus, Deutsche Rotekreuz, Maple tree and such other important things. They were curious to listen about these things!
At 13:00 O'Clock, we started our tour towards Botanical Garden. There were few drops of rain. It was seemed to occur heavy downpour. Despite of this, we didnot stop and continue the journey!


Beutiful flowers and their varieties !

These are the few photos of the flowers that we shot this afternoon during our visit to Rose Garden of Georg-August University, Goettingen. These flowers are very beautiful and spreading the happiness towards everywhere. When we see and feel these flowers and their fragrances, we remembered that the popular song by Ani, "Ful ko Aakha ma Fulai Sansar, Kada ko Akha ma Kadai Sansar; Jhulkinchha hai Chhaya Bastu Ansar." We didnot experience thorns, we swam only in the beauty of these flowers. Might be it is due to the impression by song or something else, we donot know. I think that you all have seen only the beauty of these flowers, not the thorns existed there! Am I right !


Our Sweet daughters !

These are among few sweet daughters in Goettingen. We have seven daughters altogether in Goettingen. Aarju, Aditi, Amisha (Omisha), Angila, Anshu, Ayushma and Cizita. Out of seven, the name of six daughters start with nepali alphabet "AA". All they are pretty and talented in different field of child world. We wish all the happiness in their face! May God provide them all the happiness and enjoyment in their lives. We wish to put photos from other daughters also in our small window towards rest of the world, our Blog. Would you please to send few photos to me or upload yourself into this blog?!

(Innocences abroad on the faces of Angila, Ayushma and Aarju: the combination of holiness and honesty, selflessness and simplicity!)


Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Working in the German Forest

There is the quite a diverse and new experiences for me about working in the Forest of Germany. Since last month, I have been intesively engaged in the collection of samples from three different areas of Germany. These are few photos from the field work at Schorfheide Chorin. The forest areas are intensively being researched for different aspects of forestry. I have been involved on the genetic aspects of Forest. I will upload moree photos and experiences later on.


TEST your Knowledge on National Geography !

This is the beautiful place in Nepal. I would like to ask you, to write the name of the place. There is the surprise prize for the correct answer. Read more...