Sunday, 19 July 2009

DAAD scholarship holders meet at Hannover

It is already one month back there was a meeting of DAAD Scholarship Holders at Hannover from 19-21 June 2009. All the scholarship holders who are studying in different universities in the North Block of Germany were participated in this meeting. More than 350 students including their spouses and children were meet together . These students were represented different 49 countries of the world.

DAAD has divided Germany into two parts namely South and North Block to manage the Scholarship Programme. The interactive plenary discussion between the DAAD officials and scholarship holders was wonderful programme. The meeting was unique in terms of gathering different groups of people from different countries in the same place. The presentation on cross-cutting th
emes of climate change, natural resources management, earth system, banking and economics etc were also made.
The socialization programme, visit to different historical parts of Hannover, visit to Sea Life, dancing in the Discotheque were the major attractions of the meeting. For children there were separate entertainment programme by the child specialists.

In the meeting altogether more than 20 Nepalese including scholarship holders, spouses and children from different University of Germany were actively participated.

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