Saturday, 3 December 2011

GöNeS joins hand to support for the treatment of poor girl

A girl from Bardia Nepal, 11 years old is severely ill with ITP blood disease. The family is very poor and her father is working in the Saudi Arab to solve mere hand to mouth problem. The 11 year old daughter is sick and needs to get the A+ blood every fortnightly. Though the blood is free in Nepal but she has to pay around 5€ per packet of the blood for the logistics.

Patient Sarita D.C. (photo courtesy: GöNeS alumnii- Prem Neupane)
Patient Sarita D.C. serving cups of tea to visitors (photo courtesy: GöNeS alumnii- Prem Neupane)
Needy family, mother and daughter 

The family is very poor and does not hold the capacity to treat her. The daughter cries, mother cries and everybody starts to cry when they watch the video taken. Mother with heavy heart and tears rolling on her cheek, says whether her daughter would have been crushed by motor would be better. As she is seeing her daughter everyday dieing, it would be better to she her dead once. What a painful word coming from the mother because of poverty. 

After watching this video appeal, GöNeS (Goettingen Nepalese Society) attempted to help her by collecting some funds. Till now, 245€  is confirmed. One of our member Dr. Ajaya Jung Kunwar is looking for some possibility to get the blood totally free of cost. Another member Prem Neupane visited the family this morning and provided some support to the family. Let's join our hand to support her and save her life.

The name and amount of donor collected by GöNeS

1. Rajendra K.C.and family (25€)
2. Bishal Ghimire and family (50€)
3. Surya Prakash Rai (Finland)-30€
4. Sambhu Charmakar and family (15€)
5. Binita Shahi (20€)
6. Dr. Roshan Devkota and family (60€)
7. Sarita Shrestha/Jeevan Shrestha (20€)
8. Sanziv Maharjan (15€)
9. Dr. Hari Datta Bhattarai (Korea)-20€
10. Sunita Ranabhat / Rajesh Malla (25€)
11. Sangharsha Saksham Mishra (Hetauda, presently at Goettingen)-10€
Total: 290€

Other friends have also assured their support. We will collect the amount and hand over to the family in first week of January at Kathmandu, Nepal.

Your each and every support will be great help towards saving her life. Wish to see you one step head of us.