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Dashain Celebration Continues_:::Goettingen, Germany


Dashain Celebration in Goettingen, Germany

These are the some unedited movie of Dashain Celebration in Goettingen, Germany. Please send your comments and suggestions, as well as best wishes to


Dashain celebration in Goettingen, Germany

These are few photos selected randomly. Two days celebration of DASHAIN festival in small town of Goettingen of Germany was held. It was very joyful moment to see all the friends exchanging blessing to each others.. Read more...

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Khagendra Thapa in German Newspaper

Source: Goettingen Tageblatt, Germany 14 October 2010

Der vermutlich kleinste Mann der Welt, der Nepalese Khagendra Thapa Magar, ist seit Mittwoch erwachsen und damit alt genug für einen Eintrag ins Guinness-Buch der Rekorde. „Jetzt ist er 18, und wir werden den Verantwortlichen bei Guinness alle notwendigen Dokumente zuschicken."

Das sagte der Vater des 56 Zentimeter großen Rup Bahadur Thapa Magar am Mittwoch der Nachrichtenagentur AFP am Telefon. Die Familie kam derweil zur Geburtstagsfeier zusammen. Bei seiner Geburt wog Thapa nur 600 Gramm. „Als er auf die Welt kam, passte er gerad

e in eine Hand. Ich bin stolz auf ihn, er hat sich und sein Land berühmt werden lassen“, sagte sein Vater weiter. Diese Berühmtheit solle seinem Sohn später einmal ein unabhängiges Leben sichern.

Vor vier Jahren hatte die Familie schon einmal einen Antrag gestellt, doch wurde er damals abgewiesen, weil der Junge noch nicht erwachsen war. Der bisherige Rekordhalter ist mit einer Größe von 73 Zentimetern der Chinese He Pingping. Als bisher kleinster Mann aller Zeiten gilt der inzwischen verstorbene Inder Gul Mohammed. Er war genau so groß wie Thapa.

Unofficial translation into English

Probably the smallest man in the world, the Nepalese Khagendra Thapa Magar is grown since Wednesday and thus old enough for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. "Now he is 18, and we will be in charge at Guinness send all necessary documents."

The father of the 56 centimeter Rup Bahadur Thapa Magar said on Wednesday, the AFP news agency by telephone. Meanwhile, the family came together for the birthday celebration. At birth, Thapa weighed only 600 grams "When he was born, he just fit in a hand. I'm proud of him, he has let himself and his country to be famous, "his father said. This fame was to save his son, later an independent life.

Four years ago the family had already made a request, but was then rejected because the boy was not yet an adult. The previous record holder with a size of 73 centimeters, the Chinese He Pingping. As far the smallest man of all time is the late Indian Gul Mohammed. He was as big as Thapa.


Congratulation to Santosh Ojha and family

It is our great pleasure to congratulate one of its alumnii to be rewarded admission for Ph.D. in world renowned university of the USA, named University of Alabama

Mr. Ojha got the admission to the Ph.D. programme at this university on the basis of his excellence in his Master Degree, long work experience and research background. He will be doing Ph.D. on Siliviculture and Ecology. He has already started his course since August 2010. He was Master Degree student at Tropical and International Forestry Programme of Georg August University of Goetttingen, Germany. He was closely supervised by Prof. Dr. Ralph Mitlöhner for his master thesis. He had outstanding results and academic performance here in Goettingen !

We would like to congratulate Mr. Ojha for his achievement. The success, he achieved, not only make him happy, but for all of us as one of our alumnii has achieved it. This is the matter of pride to all of us! You made us proud and happy, hope and wish that you will make one day the whole country proud through your excellence and contribution in the science. Read more...

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Graduate Research Assistantships in forestry and forest science

The School of Renewable Natural Resources offers generous graduate research assistantships for students interested in graduate studies in applied forest ecology and forestry leading to Ph.D. or MS degrees. Louisiana has an abundance of natural resources that are found in a diversity of terrestrial and aquatic habitats ranging from coastal marshes to upland forests. These resources, combined with the subtropical climate and the geomorphology of the state, are the foundation of the unique culture of Louisiana. Creative students are needed to investigate potential threats to the maintenance of forest resources such as urban sprawl, subsidence, and climate change. Students are also needed to develop techniques for recovering special habitats associated with longleaf pine, shortleaf pine, and cypress-tupelo cover types. We seek students with interest in one or more discipline areas represented by faculty in the School, with the ultimate goal of basic or applied research that supports management and restoration of forest resources and habitats to enhance the quality of life in Louisiana.

These graduate assistantships are supported by the Lucis Wilmont Gilbert Foundation for Forestry Research. Successful applicants will have academic credentials that generally place them in the upper 5 % of applicants to the graduate program in the School of Renewable Natural Resources based on GRE scores, GPA, letters of references, and other evidence of the applicant's potential. In addition to the research assistantship, instate and out-of-state tuition is waived, and recipients will receive a scholarship to cover fees and travel support present papers or posters at scientific meetings.

For more information about research opportunities, look at our web site at For more information about Gilbert Research Assistantships contact Thomas J. Dean by email (fwdean at, by mail (School of Renewable Natural Resources, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803), or by phone (225-578-4216).


विजया दशमी को सुभकामना है सबै साथी भाई हरुलाई, हाम्रो परिवार को तर्फा बाट । Read more...