Sunday, 25 November 2007

Wish you pleasant journey to Ojha Family

After copletion of the Master Degree in Tropical and International Forestry from the Georg August University, Goettingen, Germany; our beloved friend and family member of Goettingeli Nepalese Samaj Mr. Santosh Ojha and his family are returning back to Nepal on 27 November.

Mr. Santosh Ojha, who is the Research Officer in Department of Forest Survey and Research under the Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation in Nepal, has completed his two years study in Tropical Forestry. He has been here in Goettingen from 2005 (August) to 2007 (November).

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Nepalese Girl won Beauty Contest in Germany

She is Ms. Prapti Ghimire who has just won the beauty contest "Miss Ketwig" recently held in Ketwig, Germany.

She has won this title by defeating 21 other contestants.

As her name Prapti "Achievement" means she achieved this title even outside of the country.

There family is residing in Germany since long time.

We would like to congratulate her for this achievement.


11 tons red sandalwood missing at DFO
LALITPUR, Nov 14 - Despite the presence of armed police and guards, about 11 tons of seized red sandalwood stored at District Forest Office (DFO) premises, Lalitpur, went "mysteriously" missing at midnight Monday.
According to Prakash Nath Pyakurel, district forest officer, Lalitpur, a group of 5-6 armed individuals who entered the DFO premises at midnight threatened the staff on duty at that time and looted the highly precious wood. Four staff including two armed police and two DFO guards were employed for the security of the sandalwood. "Our people were unarmed and couldn't fight them," Pyakurel said.
However, ministry officials and police involved in investigating the incident find high likelihood of the involvement of the office's own staff. Prem Kandel, an official at the Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation and investigation chief said, the mysterious disappearance of red sandalwood from DFO premises comes as a great shock to officials. "We are really in great shock. It is not easy for one group to loot such a huge amount of wood within a short time," he said. According to him, the incident that took place Monday midnight was reported to police and officials concerned at 4 am.
According to Kandel, three DFO staff including two armed police and an office driver are being interrogated. Though, not proven, our own staff are highly suspect over the missing sandalwood," he added.
This recent incident has called into question the security arrangements for other red sandalwood stored around the country, Kandel said. "We have instructed our officials to be more alert over the security of the sandalwood stored at all places," he added. Similarly, Tirtha Raj Sharma, secretary at MoFSC, said any forest official found to be involved in this incident would be punished according to law. MoFSC on Wednesday formed a three-member committee to investigate the incident and submit a report within five days.
Meantime, Madhav Aryal, police superintendent of Lalitpur district who is investigating the sandalwood case, has stated that a press conference will be organized Wednesday and the names of people involved in this incident will be revealed. Within the last few months, more than 200 tons of this highly precious wood has been stored in different places including the Department of Forest and Soil Conservation, Babarmahal, DFO, Sindupalchowk and DFO, Lalitpur. Scores of tons of sandalwood was seized while being smuggled from India to China via the Nepal border.
I am sure the culprits are inside. Without the involvement of the insiders, it is almost impossible to loot the sandalwoods from DFO premises. And, also it is sure that nothing will be happened to the staffs because the investivagator and DFO staffs are not much cleaner faces as public know this.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

I enjoyed the Tihar!

All dear friends

I would like to thank Netrajee for uploading lively photos. With these photos, I have experienced the liveliness and enjoyed the real Tihar.

Thanks to all friend who dared to continue our tradition of celebrating the festival in the company of friends.

I have really missed the opportunity to participate the programme. Let's hope we will celebrate new year with my happy news. Read more...

Some more glimpses from Tihar at HRS 11-


Some more glimpses from Tihar at HRS 11

Yes, Loknath sir is looking younger not because of what is on the plate, but everyone knows

We don't know whether they enjoyed the meal they cooked like we did

"Nachtisch" was the perfect combination after such a delicious meal

Posed for the photo

Monday, 12 November 2007

Tihar Celebration in Goettingen

Nepalese Society in Goettingen celebrated Tihar in a grand manner to its best. The interested group of Nepalese who wanted to celebrate together gathered at 12.00pm at Rijalji's place (Hermann-Rein Stra├če 11) with the happiest and joyous mood. Rajendraji we missed you so much for you are the best to mix the Nepalese instincts in our mentality- personally from my side, I can have a great reflection from Tij celebration. Both Ajayajis, we missed you so much for our interest group was in absolute minority. Nevertheless, we enjoyed some "Flash" with blind modes in which all Bhaujus and Pratima Bahini participated excellently; and some beats of musical sensation (Thanks to Jana who provided us Guitar; and for your reference you can see some videos once you are here)- chalechha batas sustari...... bitau hansera..... We have not kept anything for you except we sent our well wishes and thoughts to who were not present but would have joined the mini Tihar gathering if you were here. We would like to share few moments of our gathering through the following photos. Rajendraji, your letter from Aceh is really touching and thanks from our side-which, I unfortunately overlooked until today.

Puja is essential in every festival

Flash is just about to start

What else one could wish other than such a delicious meal, prepared by our respected ladies

In fact, we are talking about having a "Great pause" after a heavy meal

Together we have always fun, and we tried best today to get along

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Letter from Indonesia

I have been staying in Takengon, the central Aceh. The city looks like our city of Terai such as Biratnagar or Birgung. It is the district headquarter which includes 16 subdistrict. TAknegon has very big lake like our Fewa Tal. This area is the big valley. People are nice and friendly but very difficult to communicate with them because of language. Everything here is very expensive however I am a millionaire here!

I have started my research work, and facing lots of difficulties in collecting needles from tall trees. Let's see what will come out.

In the Tkkengon, there is only one cyber cafe and it is so slow sothat I couldnot upload photos from here. Everyday is raining here. That creats lots of trouble too.

I am expecting everything nice and pleasant to friends and families staying at Goettingen. I would miss the farewell party for Santosh Ojha, but I would like to extend my best wishes for his nice, pleasant and happy travel. I hope and wish to see him succesful in the civil servant examination for Gazetted First Class which is going to be held at short time ( may be 2 months after his arrival !).

I wish all the best for the safe and pleasant journey of Ajaya Kunwar jee and Lok Nath Poudel jee. The most powerful nations in the world, like the USA and England visits of our friends would be fruitful and memorable not only for them but also for us too.

With best regards