Monday, 12 November 2007

Tihar Celebration in Goettingen

Nepalese Society in Goettingen celebrated Tihar in a grand manner to its best. The interested group of Nepalese who wanted to celebrate together gathered at 12.00pm at Rijalji's place (Hermann-Rein Stra├če 11) with the happiest and joyous mood. Rajendraji we missed you so much for you are the best to mix the Nepalese instincts in our mentality- personally from my side, I can have a great reflection from Tij celebration. Both Ajayajis, we missed you so much for our interest group was in absolute minority. Nevertheless, we enjoyed some "Flash" with blind modes in which all Bhaujus and Pratima Bahini participated excellently; and some beats of musical sensation (Thanks to Jana who provided us Guitar; and for your reference you can see some videos once you are here)- chalechha batas sustari...... bitau hansera..... We have not kept anything for you except we sent our well wishes and thoughts to who were not present but would have joined the mini Tihar gathering if you were here. We would like to share few moments of our gathering through the following photos. Rajendraji, your letter from Aceh is really touching and thanks from our side-which, I unfortunately overlooked until today.

Puja is essential in every festival

Flash is just about to start

What else one could wish other than such a delicious meal, prepared by our respected ladies

In fact, we are talking about having a "Great pause" after a heavy meal

Together we have always fun, and we tried best today to get along