Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Dear distinguished guests of our website and friends,
New Year 2009 is knocking our doors! On the eve of this occasion, we would like to extend our best wishes to our distinguished website visitors, well wishers, and friends for a VERY HAPPY, PROSPEROUS AND PEACEFUL NEW YEAR 2009!
We have started our blog about 1⅔ years ago. Within a short period, this blog has been visited for more than 30,000 times by the people of different disciplines and nations. Their contributions, comments and suggestions inspired us to improve and continue the blog with more diverse articles, news and updates. We look forward to receiving your valuable articles/contributions, comments and suggestions in future as well.
With best wishes!!
GoeNeS (Goettingeli Nepalese Samaj)

Squirrel rolling a "wire net"

It can be seen on "high quality" movie. This video clip shows the movement of squirrel inside the wire net so it makes the net moving. It is interesting to see though not clear due to external wire cage.


Sunday, 28 December 2008

Street artists at LaRambala, Barcelona

In this short movie clip, we can see several artists showing their art on the street of LaRambla, Spain.


Saturday, 27 December 2008

Eel Fish at LA Aquarium in Barcelona


Street Aquarium at LaRambla, Spain

It is the small movie clip captured on the street of LARAMBLA, Spain.


Friday, 26 December 2008

Magic Fountain at Barcelona, Spain

This is the short movie clip that I took during our last visit to Barcelona, Spain. I was spellbound with the magical fountain show there. Please enjoy the movie clip and provide your valuable opinions about it.

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Wonderful Water Fountain at Barcelona, Spain

This is the musical show presented in Barcelona Water Fountain. This water fountain is the highlight of Barcelona, and may be the best in the world. It is really wonderful experience to us to see such a beautiful show. I recommend to the viewers to watch the movie thourought to enjoy the show!

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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Palma Mallorca Beach in Spain

Palma Mallorca is the island famous for tourism in Spain. During the summer, there use to be very crowded but in this period we are lucky to capture some scenic pictures without any crowd!
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Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, Spain

These are the photos from main stadium of Barcelona Olympic 1992.
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Magical Water Fountain in Barcelona

Is not it magic?! How can the water be such a colourful and beautiful! These photos were taken from the musical fountain show at Barcelona. I have never seen and also never imagined the show like that.
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Barcelona Aquarium

Several fishes including Shark Fish on the photos
This is one of the biggest Aquarium in Europe and well managed under the Mediterranean sea. The demerit is that the entrance is very expensive 17 euro per person.
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Beautiful architects of Barcelona

Torre Akbar: The colourful building which is the modern identity of Barcelona

The Spargda Familia: the monumental work of famous designer Gaudi
The Barcelona Catheter

Seaport and surrounding environment of Barcelona

The small hill where is the Olympic stadium is located seen in the photo taken from Seaport.
The scenic picture of Columbus tower and surroundings
The basement of Columbus Tower
Seaport at Barcelona: the romantic place in the evening !
Yes, it is connecting all the touristic sites in Barcelona.
These are the some photos in and around Barcelona port. The highlight of the port is the statue of Columbus (the discoverer of USA). In the evening the areas becomes lively and many people use to visit this place.

Vegetable markets in Barcelona, Spain

These are the photos taken at the open vegetable market at La-Rambla, the center of Barcelona.
Mouth watering sweetsSeafoods
Swine leg piece
Recently, we are destined to visit Barcelona, Spain. I am uploading some of interesting pictures in this blog hoping that it will certainly provides you the first hand glimpse about the culture, life style and development of Spain.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Melodious songs

These are the sweet songs dedicated to beloved mother from the son living abroad. The first song is so sweet and matches to everyone living abroad. Instead the song is very old, but the contents fit even the present modernise world instead "letter" have been replaced by "phone calls" or such others. Must to watch, see and realize this song!
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Sunday, 7 December 2008

First Aircraft made in Nepal: the "DANFE"

Few Nepalese Engineer made the ultralight aircraft for the first time in Nepal. The group of few students from Pulchowk Engineering Campus (Tribhuvan University / Nepal) lead by Bikash Prajuli and Ganesh Ram Sikeman made the aircrafts named "DANFE". They borrowed the name 'Danfe'(Lophophorus impejanus) which is the national bird of Nepal. The cost of manufacturing this aircraft was just 10 thosands Euro, extraordinarily cheap.
The Russian Pilot Alexander Maximov flew the plane yesterday in the sky of Pokhara. The test flight was successful.

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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Happy News are coming to us.............

As New Year 2009 is coming very close to our door, we are going to experience some very happy news in Goettingen. New Year itself is the happier moment in everyone’s life. These happier things are going to be doubled with the land mark achievements of some Nepalese Colleagues of GöNeS.
Among all happiness, the closest one is the happiness spread here in Goettingen by the arrival of Kalpana Gautam (Bhauju) and children Master Cizal Gautam, 9 yrs old and Miss Cizita Gautam, 6 yrs old. They have already arrived today in Goettingen to accompany Dev Raj Gautam for at least coming two years. We would like to welcome them from the bottom of our heart!
The second matter of happiness for us is the successful completion of doctorate degree by Lok Nath Paudel within few weeks. Our seniormost and inspirational member of Goettingeli Nepalese Society (GöNeS), has already submitted his Ph.D. dissertation to his respective supervisors. He has already presented five papers, related to his research work, in international seminars and workshops, and submitted some articles in well-known scientific journals. Probably, we are destined to study them in near future. He is going to defend his work towards the mid of January 2009. We are sure that he will successfully defend his thesis and impress all. Our best wishes are always with him.
Thirdly, our friend Dr. Ajaya Jang Kunwar has already granted the opportunity to start Post Doc. Within few months of successful completion of his Ph.D., he has got this 'Post Doc' opportunity at the University of Ohio, USA. Just within first two hours of his application, he was offered the Post Doc position from the well-known university of the USA. His previous and present academic excellence and the reputation of Goettingen Universtiy impressed the employer so profoundly that the Professor decided to offer the magnificent job and responsibilities within 2 hours of his application, to work in her “core circle of researchers”. We are fully confident on his successful future career. We certainly expect a high class academician in the future for the country. As his highly impressive qualification and the important field of research, Neuroanatomy, we can expect some wonderful identity of the country in coming decade from him. We are hopeful in getting some extra ordinary achievements and name and fame for our country, Nepal. Dr. Kunwar will start the position from May, 2009.
Many happy news to our former and present members of Nepal are on the way to come........
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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Monday, 1 December 2008

Bits and bytes of Dr. Ajaya Jang Kunwar

On 30 th of November, we succesfully organised the second presentation about the "Bits and Bytes of Successful life of Dr. Ajaya Jang Kunwar"

Dr. Ajaya Jang Kunwar nicely presented his a bit of autobiography in front of all the GöNeS members. He covered all the aspects of his life, from birth to the future plan. He mentioned how could he fulfill his child dream of being doctor and serving the people ! His excellent research works and achievements, and his future plan to serve the motherland was the sensational part of the presentation. With his presentation skills and the wonderful contents, all the participants were spellbound. We wish all the success in his life.

The next presentation would be held on the eve of New Year 2009. The presenter would be Lok Nath Paudel. He will talk about his life, his research work and its policy implication. Mr. Lok Nath Paudel is going to be transformed to Dr. Paudel in January 2009. So, we would like to wish all the best for his success to achieve it. We are pretty sure on that he will make milestone in January. We are excitedly waiting for it.