Saturday, 6 December 2008

Happy News are coming to us.............

As New Year 2009 is coming very close to our door, we are going to experience some very happy news in Goettingen. New Year itself is the happier moment in everyone’s life. These happier things are going to be doubled with the land mark achievements of some Nepalese Colleagues of GöNeS.
Among all happiness, the closest one is the happiness spread here in Goettingen by the arrival of Kalpana Gautam (Bhauju) and children Master Cizal Gautam, 9 yrs old and Miss Cizita Gautam, 6 yrs old. They have already arrived today in Goettingen to accompany Dev Raj Gautam for at least coming two years. We would like to welcome them from the bottom of our heart!
The second matter of happiness for us is the successful completion of doctorate degree by Lok Nath Paudel within few weeks. Our seniormost and inspirational member of Goettingeli Nepalese Society (GöNeS), has already submitted his Ph.D. dissertation to his respective supervisors. He has already presented five papers, related to his research work, in international seminars and workshops, and submitted some articles in well-known scientific journals. Probably, we are destined to study them in near future. He is going to defend his work towards the mid of January 2009. We are sure that he will successfully defend his thesis and impress all. Our best wishes are always with him.
Thirdly, our friend Dr. Ajaya Jang Kunwar has already granted the opportunity to start Post Doc. Within few months of successful completion of his Ph.D., he has got this 'Post Doc' opportunity at the University of Ohio, USA. Just within first two hours of his application, he was offered the Post Doc position from the well-known university of the USA. His previous and present academic excellence and the reputation of Goettingen Universtiy impressed the employer so profoundly that the Professor decided to offer the magnificent job and responsibilities within 2 hours of his application, to work in her “core circle of researchers”. We are fully confident on his successful future career. We certainly expect a high class academician in the future for the country. As his highly impressive qualification and the important field of research, Neuroanatomy, we can expect some wonderful identity of the country in coming decade from him. We are hopeful in getting some extra ordinary achievements and name and fame for our country, Nepal. Dr. Kunwar will start the position from May, 2009.
Many happy news to our former and present members of Nepal are on the way to come........
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akunwar said...

Dear Rajendra Ji,
Thanks for posting the recent developments occurring in Goettingen. I wish Poudel sir for successful defense and Devraj ji for happy reunion with his family members.

highlander said...

Dear Rajendraji,
As always- thanks for bringing such happy news and sharing. You are master of it!

My best wishes to all of Loknathji- for excellent completion (with ScL); Devrajji- for grand reunion in the best season of the year; and Ajayaji- for new ventures- I mean for all "postdocs" activities (got it?).

And, we should also include one more happy news on Rajendraji's successful master completion (possibly highest grade at forestry faculty) and your new assignment on the upcoming research project.

All the best from,

Anonymous said...

अजयजी, बधाई छ! साथै उज्वल भविष्यको शुभकामना !

लोकनाथजी, सफलताको लागि शुभकामना !

बाबु काजी, काठमाण्डौं ।

Babu Kaji said...

अजयजी बधाई छ र उज्वल भविष्यको शुभकामना !

लोकनाथजी, सफलताको लागि अग्रिम शुभकामना ।

बाबु काजी