Sunday, 7 December 2008

First Aircraft made in Nepal: the "DANFE"

Few Nepalese Engineer made the ultralight aircraft for the first time in Nepal. The group of few students from Pulchowk Engineering Campus (Tribhuvan University / Nepal) lead by Bikash Prajuli and Ganesh Ram Sikeman made the aircrafts named "DANFE". They borrowed the name 'Danfe'(Lophophorus impejanus) which is the national bird of Nepal. The cost of manufacturing this aircraft was just 10 thosands Euro, extraordinarily cheap.
The Russian Pilot Alexander Maximov flew the plane yesterday in the sky of Pokhara. The test flight was successful.

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Rajan said...

Oops! you got wrong Rajendraji, Bikash dai and frens are from Pulchowck campus AND NOT FROM NEPAL ENGG CAMPUS. Pulchowk campus is under IOE, TU.

You have better read this one before, (नेपाली जहाज आकाशमा) Danfe - Nepal's first home made plane successfully flies in Pokhara's sky

Anonymous said...

Wow! exciting news for us Nepalese and others as well. We have a lot of scientist and academicians like and Bikash and the groups of Pulchowck Campus. So if there is strong political wills and enabling environment, we can develop Nepal more than USA, Japan and Germany....... in very short time.

Keep up it Bikash and other Friends. Also Rajendrajee keep up posting such inspirable news.