Saturday, 31 January 2009

Lok Nath Paudel conferred Ph.d.

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Friday, 30 January 2009

Ph.D. graduation ceremony for Lok Nath Paudel

These are the some photos taken this evening at Ganzeliesel, Goettingen. The photos were taken to observe the Ph.D. graduation ceremony of Lok Nath Paudel. We congratulate him for all the success !

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Heartfelt congratulations to Rajendraji!

Dear Rajendraji,

You have initiated many good news, shout out several good things about GöNeS to global communities- but it is also our honor to congratulate you for your outstanding completion of your MSc degree. Our heartfelt congratulations in your successful accomplishment, and also congratulations for several other packages of happiness which I have mentioned in the video. No doubt, you deserved all those successes! Congratulations to you, Bhavi and your whole family!! Basically, this congratulations note includes- all the accomplishments that you have been blessed with in your two year of study times in Goettingen.

Rajendra-sir, your honest, dedicated and thoughtfulness personality will not only benefit us, but also the whole nation. Rajendraji, once again lots of congratulations and best wishes for your upcoming new venture!!


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Nepalese brave soldier offered "Ashok Chakra: the highest Military Award in Indian Army"

Havildar Bahadur Singh Bohra

New Delhi, Jan 25: President on Sunday named Havildar Gajendra Bahadur Singh Bohra of 10 Parachute Regiment for Ashok Chakra posthumously. A counter-insurgency operation in Jammu and Kashmir in September last, Army Special Forces commando Bohra was the squad commander of an assault team deployed in the Lawanz area. Bohra observed a group of terrorists at around 6.15 hours and moved quickly to intercept them. In the process, he came under heavy hostile fire. Undaunted, he charged at the terrorists and killed one of them. However, he suffered severe gun shot wounds. Refusing evacuation, he continued with the assault and killed two more terrorists at extremely close range. However, he later succumbed to injuries. For his act of bravery, he gets the Ashok Chakra, which would be presented to his next of kin at the Republic Day Parade on Monday by President Pratibha Patil.
He is Nepalese person working in Indian Army however he has not been recognized from his citizenship but as the member of Indian Army.
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Friday, 23 January 2009

Wholehearted Congratulations to Loknath Sir!

Though it took almost a day to upload this video, I am sure Dear Loknathsir, I am not late to extend my wholehearted congratulations to you and Bhavi. I like to join all other friends in their heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to you for the PhD and beyond. Looking at your hardwork and successional progress, we have a lot of respects and honor not only to your academic excellence, but also to the down to earth personality that you have, which I call it your asset. This is also the reason, why so many words are coming from our hearts to congratulate you without any resistance.

Once again, many congratulations and our best wishes to your
forthcoming journeys. We trust that you will always be doing outstanding in any areas you step in, but we will always remain curious to hear your achievements and progress in future.

All the best,

Netra Bhandari

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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Request to post Congratulation to Lok Nath Paudel

Mr. Lok Nath Paudel is going to be transformed to Dr. Lok Nath Paudel on 23rd of this month. He is going to be conferred Ph.D. degree in "Animal Breeding and Production Systems" from the one of the best university in the world: Goettingen University, Germany.
He has made extensive study about the "Buffaloes in Nepal". He has studied how much importance is the "buffalo farming" for the daily livelihood of Nepalese farmers and also the Nepalese economy. His study and the recommendation are very practical and implementable in the countries like Nepal. I am pretty sure upon implication of his study.
As his graduation day is just three days after, I would like to request you all to provide your valuable and sweet words of congratulation to him. I wil post all the comments immediately. As words are more powerful and valuable than any other presents, I think you will certainly like to offer your beautiful words, congratulations or well wishes to his coming future! If someone wants to upload his voice or visuals, you are requested to upload in Youtube and send us the link, we will upload here to congratulate him. Let's use the technology ! Nomatter, how near or farther we are, we can show our presence by utilising the technology.
Once again, thanks a lot to all of you!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Lets refresh your mind for a while....!

If you are tired and bored with continuous study/work at your college or office, you might want to refresh your mood with some of the wonderful videos posted in youtube. Here are some of my favourite youtube videos. If you hadn't seen it before, I am sure you all will enjoy it.

Isn't this cute and lovely? A youngest samba/salsa dancer of this world... At this young age, she knows how to move with music...when to stop and when to begin with.

Amazing play between monkey and tiger.

I love this cute young girl singing in American idol. At the age of four, she remembers each and every word of the song and......... look at her confidence level, she is bold and brave...a mind blowing performance I would say.

Another lovely video, I absolutely admire her voice. She is Connie Talbot, at the age of 6 she went to the top 5 of "Britain got talent show 2007" which was not a child show but included all ages groups. You can sense innocence, purity, excellence and delicacy in her song. I feel like crying whenever I listen to her voice. I hope you all like it.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Talented T. V. anchor Indra Lohani Passes Away!

Indra Lohani

One of the most talented journalist in Nepal, Mr. Indra Lohani, anchor of "BAHAS" has passed away yesterday evening. It was due to heart attack. He was young and well praised by Nepalese fora! We would like to convey our heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family!
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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Everywhere is snow

We got a nice experience of snow in this winter. Last year , it was for few days only but this time everywhere is snow and it looks so beautiful. Moreover i enjoy the snow when it falls on the ground. I love to see it when nobody had put neither footprints nor have destroyed it. Let us see few pictures of this snowy winter.
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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Two more members in GöNeS

As we all know, two members are coming to Goettingen to join us. They will come to Goettingen to begin their Post Doctorate ! Dr. Hari Datta Bhattarai and his better half will arrive Goettingen on 31 January, 2009. They will immediately start Deutsche course in Goethe Institure. Simultaneously, they will continue their research work also. Dr. Bhattrai has completed his doctrate from famous Soonchunhyang University, Shinchan, Korea. He has extensive knowledge about natural sciences and deserves many articles in international journals. We are eagerly waiting for their arrival and would like to welcome them in Goettingen!
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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Full Moon Day in Göttingen

The last full-moon day in Goettingen was very special and bright. Specially piercing through the thin and cold air, one could just feel the preciousness of the Full-Moon. Despite the cold outside, gazing at Moon through the window pane was just thrilling with the view over Goettingen. I have capture few glimpses of that evening though in my heart is more fresh and clearer.

When we look at nature and the life in a parallel manner what is not to like in fact. The part of the winter with fresh cold gives me the feeling that I am still alive. Well, I am not sharing the clue about the cold shower. I hope you will enjoy how the long-exposure shot can capture such beautiful moment even with a simple camera.

Wish you a nice remaining days of the Winter!


Street lights in Weende area under the Moon light

Towards North Campus- Moon light is amazing- it is modest, calm and beautiful!

Another exposure towards North!

The E-ON energy center- keeps Goettingen alive- heating and electricity

Western part of Goettingen to be seen from Weende

Some more!

The sleeping city on ice

A plant on the moon shadow

Not a magic!- playing with light on the long exposure

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Know the valuable seeds!

Do know the name of these seeds? Let's see our general knowledge about forest tree seeds. Read more...

Middle Marsangdi: photos

Powe house Construction phase


Sunday, 11 January 2009

बढ्दो लागतले हैरान मध्यमर्स्याङ्दी

by विकास थापा (Kantipuronline)
This is the good article about how the cost of constructing big infrastructure in developing countries doubles than the estimated cost. The construction of constructing Madhya Marsangdi Hydropower was estimated around 13 billion Nepalese Rs. and the cost was born by the subsidy from German Government via. KFW bank. But, the construction was completely recently after the double of estimating time. The cost crossed 27 billion NRs (more than the double of estimation) still noone are able to say the exact construction cost. The story of incumbency and cheating is written by famous hydropower expert Bikash Thapa.
कालीगण्डकी ए (१४४ मेगावाट्) पछि दोस्रो ठूलो मध्यमर्स्याङ्दी जलविद्युत् आयोजना (७० मेगावाट्) को उद्‌घाटन प्रधानमन्त्री पुष्पकमल दाहालले गर्दा आफ्नो सम्बोधनको आधाभन्दा बढी समय 'तत्कालीन परिस्थिति' मा खर्चेका थिए । माओवादीकै कारण समय र लागत बढेकाले होला दाहालले देशको राजनीतिक रूपान्तरणका क्रममा मध्यमर्स्याङ्दीपनि अछुतो हुन नसकेको जिकिर गरे । माओवादीले नै बम विष्फोट गराएर आयोजना निर्माणस्थलमा दुई मजदुरको हत्या गरेको थियो । माओवादीको असुरक्षा देखाएर ठेकेदार डीडीसी जेभीले दाबी रकम बढाउने मौका पाएको थियो । त्यतिखेर कसले सोचेको थियो र माओवादीले नेतृत्व गरेको सरकार प्रमुखद्वारा मध्यमर्स्याङ्दी उद्‌घाटन हुन्छ भन्ने ? यो आयोजना उद्‌घाटन त भयो तर तीन, चार मेगावाट् बिजुली उत्पादन गरेर, त्यो पनि जबर्जस्ती । कारण थियो नेपाल जर्मन सरकारको दौत्य सम्बन्ध स्थापना भएको ५० वर्ष पुगेको उपलक्ष्य । अन्तत: प्रधामन्त्री दाहालले मंसिरको अन्तिम साता यसको उद्‌घाटन गरे । उनले आधा दिन आयोजनाका विभिन्न संरचनाको निरीक्षणमा बिताए । मध्यमर्स्याङ्दी मुलुकको सबैभन्दा धेरै लागत परेको आयोजनाका रूपमा दरिएको थियो । यसको बिजुली प्रतिकिलोवाट्‌ करिब ५ हजार अमेरिकी डलर पर्न गएको छ । ठेकेदारसँग मुद्दा मामिला धेरै भएका कारण पछि यसको लागत जति पनि हुन सक्छ । अहिले नै यति हो भनेर विद्युत् प्राधिकरणले पनि औपचारिक तवरमा घोषणा गर्न सकेको छैन ।
मध्यमर्स्याङ्दी मूलत: एक वर्षको माग धान्ने आयोजना हो । तर यसको पनि दुःखद पक्ष के हो भने यो आयोजनाले पनि हिउँदयाम, जतिखेर धेरै बिजुलीको आवश्यकता हुन्छ, जडित क्षमतामा बिजुली उत्पादन गर्दैन । ७० मेगावाट्को आयोजना निर्माण गर्न झन्डै आठ वर्ष लाग्यो । १३ अर्ब ६५ करोड रुपैयाँको सुरुको अनुमानित लागतको करिब दोब्बर पर्न गएको छ । यो आयोजनाले वैदेशिक सहायताबाट निर्मित आयोजना किन महँगा हुन्छन् र आगामी दिनमा नेपालले यस्ताखाले आयोजना निर्माण गर्ने कि नगर्ने भनेर सोच्न बाध्य पारेको छ । किनभने विदेशी सहायता भन्ने बित्तिकै सुखद हुन्छ भन्ने छैन । लगानीकर्ताले गरेको लगानीको दोब्बर आफ्नो देशमा फिर्ता लैजान्छन् भन्ने गतिलो उदाहरण नै मध्यमर्स्याङ्दी भएको छ । विद्युत् प्राधिकरणको नेतृत्वले मध्यमर्स्याङ्दी सञ्चालन गर्न नसकेको अर्को नजिर पनि बनेको छ । आयोजनाको ठेक्का व्यवस्थापन र निर्माणका लागि प्राधिकरणले खटाएका अधिकारी वा नेतृत्वको अक्षमता पनि यसमा देखिएको छ । यसले गर्दा ठूला आयोजना निर्माणमा प्राधिकरणको यति लामो अनुभवको के काम भयो भन्ने पनि प्रश्न उब्जेको छ । यो आयोजनाको हरिबिजोग तत्कालीन जलस्रोत मन्त्री शैलजा आचार्यबाट सुरु भएको हो । उनले परामर्शदाता फिश्चनर्‌ जेभीलाई 'सस्तो' भनेर ल्याइन् । तर त्यसले ८० प्रतिशत काम पूरा हुँदा पनि डिजाइनहरू परिवर्तन गरिरह्‌यो। ठेकेदार डीडीसी जेभीलाई पनि यति सन्चो भयो कि जति डिजाइन परिवर्तन भयो उति उसलाई फाइदा हुन्थ्यो, भेरियसन् अर्डर्‌बाट दाबी ठोक्न । परामर्शदाता आफैंमा प्राधिकरणले नियुक्त गरेको इन्जिनियर हो । अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय ठेक्का प्रणाली फिडिक्‌अनुसार ऊ तटस्थ बस्नुपर्छ । तर मध्यमर्स्याङ्दीको सन्दर्भमा त्यो मान्यता ठीक उल्टो भइदियो । बाहिर झगडा गरेजस्तो गरेर भित्रभित्रै मिलेमतो गरी ठेक्का रकम बढाउँदै जाने नियत प्रस्ट देखियो ।
के हो मध्यमर्स्याङ्दी ?
मध्यमर्स्याङ्दी ८५ प्रतिशत जर्मन सरकारको अनुदान भनेर सुरु गरिएको आयोजना हो । अरुण तेस्रो रद्द भएपछि जर्मनीले त्यसमा लगाउने पैसा मध्यमर्स्याङ्दीलाई अनुदान दिएको हो । जर्मन सरकारले नेपाल सरकारलाई दिएको अनुदान रकम प्राधिकरणलाई ऋण बनाएर दिएको थियो । प्राधिकरणले सरकारलाई सुरुमा १०.२५ प्रतिशत र पछि ८ प्रतिशत ब्याज तिर्दै आएको छ । अरुण-३ रद्द भएको दंग पर्नेहरूले अहिले पनि मध्यमर्स्याङ्दीलाई राम्रो आयोजना भन्छन् । तर अरुणभन्दा पनि महंगो, प्राधिकरणको वित्तीय अवस्था खत्तम पारेको आयोजनालाई राम्रो भन्नु कति उपयुक्त हुन्छ, त्यो आफ्नो ठाउँमा छ । सायद उनीहरू पनि मध्यमर्स्याङ्दीका अन्य एजेन्ट्‌जस्तै जल्दाबल्दा भएर हुन् कि ?
सन् १९९७ मा जर्मन परामर्शदाता ल्यामेहर्‌ले यसको ६१.२ मेगावाट् निर्धारण गरेर यसको सम्भाव्यता अध्ययन सुरु गरेको थियो । सन् १९९९ फेब्रुअरीमा टेन्डर् डिजाइन् र टेन्डर् डकुमेन्ट् तयार गर्न जर्मन परामर्शदता फिश्चनर् जेभी नियुक्त भयो । फिश्चनर्‌ले डिजाइन् परिवर्तन गरी ६१.२ मेगावाट् बढाएर ७२ मेगावाट् पु-यायो । त्यसका लागि कुल लागत २१ करोड २० लाख युरो अनुमान तयार भयो । परियोजनाको विस्तृत डिजाइन् र निर्माण सुपरीवेक्षणका लागि फिश्चनर्‌सँग दोस्रो चरणको परामर्श सम्झौता सन् २००० मा भयो । टेन्डर् डिजाइन्‌मा परिवर्तन गरी विस्तृत डिजाइन् कार्य मे २००२ मा सम्पन्न भए पनि फिश्चनर्‌ले डिजाइन परिर्वतन भने अन्तिम समयसम्म पनि गरिरहेको थियो । परियोजनाको वातावरणीय प्रभाव अध्ययन तथा अनुगमन गर्न स्वदेशी परामर्शदाता टीएइसी/एन्‌इएस्‌एस् जेभीसँग १९९९ मा सम्झौता भयो । परियोजना निर्माण कार्यलाइ विभिन्न दशवटा लट्मा विभाजन गरी प्रत्येक कार्यका लागि छुट्टाछुट्टै ठेकेदार नियुक्त गरेर काम सुरु भयो ।
वित्तीय व्यवस्था
जर्मन विकास बैंक (केएफ्‌डब्लू) र नेपाल सरकारबीच मध्यमर्स्याङ्दीका लागि २०५६ सालमा १२ करोड ७८ लाख युरो अनुदान दिनेसम्बन्धी सम्झौता भएको थियो । सम्झौताका बेला आयोजनाका लागि नपुग रकम नेपाल सरकार र प्राधिकरण मिलेर बेहोर्ने सहमति भयो । सन् १९९९ अक्टोबर १२ मा प्राधिकरण र केएफ्‌डब्लूले अनुमान गरेको आधारमा आयोजनाको कुल लागत १७ करोड ६० लाख युरो हुने सम्झौता भयो । यसअनुसार कुल लागतमध्ये केएफ्‌डब्लूले १२ करोड ७८ लाख युरो र बाँकी ४ करोड ६७ लाख युरोचाहिं सरकार र प्राधिकरणले बेहोर्ने सहमति भयो । आयोजनाको लागत क्रमशः बढ्दै गयो । सन् २००५ को हिउँदको माग पूरा गर्ने लक्ष्य रहेको यस आयोजना ४३ महिनामा (डिसेम्बर २००४) मा पूरा गर्ने कार्यक्रम थियो । तर काम यति ढिला भइदियो कि काम सुरु भएको ६० महिना बितिसक्दा पनि लक्ष्य भने ६७ प्रतिशत मात्रै पूरा भएको थियो । समय बढ्दै गएपछि परामर्शदाता फिश्चनर् जेभीले पनि लागत अनुमान बढाउँदै लग्यो । आयोजना पूरा हुने ठीक एक वर्षअघि आएर सन २००४ मा फिश्चनर्‌ले यसको लागत संशोधन ग-यो । यसअनुसार सन् २००४ मा आयोजनाको कुल लागत २२ करोड ९० लाख युरो भएको घोषणा गरियो । त्यसको एक वर्षपछि लगत्तै इन्जिनियर फिश्चनर्‌ले लागत २४ करोड ९० लाख हुने अनुमान ग-यो । परामर्शदाताले जतिजति लागत बढाउँदै गयो प्राधिकरण चूप लागेर बस्नुबाहेक अर्को विकल्प केही देखिएन । अर्को पटक पुनः सन् २००६ मा कुल लागत २४ करोड ९० लाख भएको देखाइयो । त्यसपनि सन् २००७ मा यसको कुल लागत २७ करोड ३४ लाख युरो भएको इन्जिनियरको अनुमान थियो । यसको सावाँ र ब्याज मात्र तिर्दा प्राधिकरणको वित्तीय स्वास्थ्य अरू बिग्रनेमा अधिकारीहरू चिन्तित छन् ।
लागत बढ्दै गएपछि नेपाल र जर्मन सरकारबीच सन् २००५, जनवरीमा २ करोड १२ लाख ४ हजार युरो र सन् २००६ मा १ करोड २६ लाख युरो थप अनुदानका लागि सम्झौता भयो । यो सम्झौतापछि जर्मन सरकारको कुल सहायता १६ करोड १६ लाख युरो पुग्यो । सुरुमा उसको १२ करोड ७८ लाख युरो अनुदान थियो । आयोजनाकै अभिन्न अंगका रूपमा स्थानीय क्षेत्रमा विकास गर्ने उद्देश्यले केएफ्‌डब्लूले सन् २००२ मा २५ लाख युरो बराबरको थप सहयोग ग-यो । यो रकम मध्यमर्स्याङ्दी आयोजना संचालन भएको क्षेत्रमा 'छरछिमेक सहयोग कार्यक्रम' मा खर्च गरियो ।
संशोधित लागत र नपुग रकम
लागत लगातार बढ्दै गएपछि जर्मन सरकारले एकाएक थप अनुदान उपलब्ध गराउन नसक्ने जनाउ नेपाल सरकारलाई दियो । उता परामर्शदाताले सन् २००५ को मार्चमा आयोजनाको कुल लागत २४ करोड ८७ लाख युरो भएको अनुमान ग-यो । यो अनुमानित लागत जुटाउन केएफ्‌डब्लू, विश्व बैंक, अर्थ मन्त्रालय र प्राधिकरणको सहागितामा १८ जुलाई २००५ मा अर्थ मन्त्रालयमा एउटा बैठक बस्यो । सरोकारवालाहरूको उक्त बैठकले आयोजनाको कुल लागतमधये नपुग रकम झन्डै २ करोड युरो जुटाउन विभिन्न उपाय निकाल्यो । यसअनुसार केएफ्‌डब्लूले १६ करोड १६ लाख, प्राधिकरणले ४ करोड, नेपाल सरकारकाले १ करोड ५४ लाख, बि्रज फाइनान्सिङ ३० लाख, नेपाल सरकारले १ करोड र पावर बन्ड १ करोड ७४ लाख गरी कुल २४ करोड ४८ लाख युरो जुटाउने सहमति भयो । एकपटक एउटा लागत निश्चित भइसकेपछि असुरक्षा, बन्द, हडताल, चक्काजाम लगायतका अनेकौं सुरक्षासम्बन्धी सवाल उठाउँदै परामर्शदाताले पुनः लागत संशोधन गर्यो । पछिल्लो पटक संशोधित अनुमानअनुसार आयोजनाको कुल लागत २७ करोड ३४ लाख युरो हुने भयो । लागत बढ्न जाँदा त्यसै पनि २ करोड युरो अपुग भइरहेको अवस्थामा थप २ करोड ४६ लाख युरो नपुग्ने भयो । परामर्शदाता फिश्चनर्‌ले कुल २७ करोड ३४ लाख युरोमध्ये ठेक्का रकम करिब १५ करोड, भेरियसन् ५ करोड, दावी (क्लेम) ४ करोड, भौतिक आकस्मिकता ९० लाख, मूल्य आकस्मिकता करिब २ करोड पु-यायो । खर्च जुटाउन पुनः प्राधिकरणलाई धौधौ पर्‍यो । नयाँ लागतअनुमान अनुसार केएफ्‌डब्लूले १६ करोड १६ लाख, सरकार र प्राधिकरणबाट ८ करोड ७० लाख (लागत २४ करोड ८७ लाख युरो हुँदा), थप नपुग रकम २ करोड ४६ लाख युरो भयो । केएफ्‌डब्लूले प्रतिबद्धता जनाएको रकम (१६ करोड १६ लाख युरो) मध्ये प्राधिकरणलाई ४ करोड ७९ लाख युरो प्राप्त हुन बाँकी नै थियो । उसले दिन बाँकी नै रहेका बेला प्राधिकरण वा सरकारले बेहोर्नुपर्ने रकम पहिला खर्च गर्नुपर्ने शर्त राख्यो । सन् २००५ जुनपछि गरिएका कार्यको खर्च नबेहोर्ने भनी सोही मितिदेखि रकम रोक्कासमेत ग-यो । आयोजनाको लागत बढ्दै गएपछि प्राधिकरण वा सरकारले बेहोर्न सक्दैन भन्ने सोचमा पुगेर केएफ्‌डब्लूले दिनुपर्ने रकम समेत रोक्यो । यसले गर्दा प्राधिकरणप्रति उसको कतिसम्मको अविश्वास रहेछ भन्ने पनि देखायो । केएफ्‌डब्लूले रोक्का गर्ने निर्णय गरेदेखि नै प्राधिकरणले त्यसपछि भएका कार्यको भुक्तानी सरकार र आफ्नो स्रोतबाट बेहोर्नुपरेको थियो । अझ रोचक त के छ भने दाताले नै प्राधिकरणलाई अविश्वास गरेपछि विभिन्न लट्‌का ठेकेदारहरूले पनि आयोजनाको खातामा नपुग रकम (२ करोड ४६ लाख युरो) सुरक्षित नभएको भन्दै भविष्यमा गर्ने कार्यको भुक्तानी सुनिश्चित गर्न प्राधिकरणलाई दवाव दिएका थिए ।
ठेकेदारहरूका दाबी
नेपालको जलविद्युत् विकासका अनेक बाधाहरूमध्ये दाताका शर्तले पनि हैरान पारेको छ । आयोजना सस्तो वा महँगो हुने नै लगानी नीतिमा भर पर्छ । फिडिक ठेक्का प्रणाली हुनुपर्ने, लगानीकर्ता मुलुककै यन्त्र, उपकरण हुनुपर्ने, ठेकेदार र परामर्शदाता उसैको हुनुपर्ने जस्ता शर्तहरू आयोजनाको लागत उच्च हुनुका कारणमध्येमा पर्छन् । विभिन्न बहाना, जायज तथा नाजायज कारण हुँदै आयोजनाको समय लम्बिएपछि मुख्य ठेकेदार डीडीसी जेभीले दैनिक २५ हजार युरोका दरले दाबी गर्दै आयो । सन् २००६ को जुलाईसम्म डीडीसी जेभीले प्राधिरकरणसँग १० करोड २८ लाख युरो दावी ग-यो । जबकि उसले ठेक्का हात पारेकै रकम ७ करोड ८० लाख युरो थियो । यसरी भेरियसन् अर्डर्, क्लेम् अनेक बहाना गर्दै ठेक्का रकमको झन्डै दोब्बर हात पार्ने अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय ठेकेदारका रणनीति मध्यमर्स्याङ्दीमा पनि सफल भयो, जसरी कालीगण्डकीमा भएको थियो । कतिपय अवस्थामा ठेकेदार आफैँले पनि मजदुरलाई हड्ताल गर्न उक्साउँछन् । तिनमा ठेकेदार र परामर्शदाताका काठमाडौंमा बस्ने एजेन्ट्॒हरूको समेत हात हुन्छ । एउटा लट्‌को काममा ढिलाइ हुने बित्तिकै त्यसपछि आउने अरु लट्हरूमा पनि ठेकेदारले दावी गर्ने मौका पाउँछन् । इलेक्ट्रो मेकानिकल्, हाइड्रोलिक् स्टिल् स्ट्रक्चर्‌लगायतका छवटा लट्‌का ठेकेदारहरूले ९० लाख युरो दावी गरेका छन् ।
अनिश्चित लागत मध्यमर्स्याङ्दीको लागत नै कति हो भन्ने अनिश्चित भएको छ । यसका विभिन्न ठेकेदारहरूले अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय अदालत, आर्बिट्रेसन्‌लगायतका निकायहरूमा मुद्दा हालेको अवस्था छ । प्राधिकरणजस्तो घाटामा गएको संस्थाले अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय स्तरमा ठूला कम्पनीहरूविरुद्ध मुद्दा लड्नु वित्तीय रुपमा पनि चुनौतीपूर्ण नै हुन्छ । कालीगण्डकीमा ठेकेदारले आपसी सहमतिमा मुद्दा छिनोफानो गरौं भन्दा प्राधिकरणको सञ्चालक समितिका केही ठेकेदार पक्षधर सदस्यहरूले विरोध गरे । जसको मूल्य आज प्राधिकरणले अर्बौं रुपैयाँ तिर्दैछ । यसैगरी यस्तो अवस्था मध्यमर्स्याङ्दीमा पनि दोहोरिंदैछ ।
लोडसेडिङ र मध्यमर्स्याङ्दी
वार्षिक ऊर्जाका हिसाबले मध्यमर्स्याङ्दीबाट ३९ करोड ८० लाख युनिट् बिजुली उत्पादन हुन्छ । निर्धारित समयमा यसबाट बिजुली उत्पादन नभएकाले प्राधिकरणलाई करिब आठ अर्ब रुपैयाँ घाटा परेको छ । यो रकम प्राधिकरणको वार्षिक आयको ५० प्रतिशतभन्दा बढी हो । यसको जिम्मा कसले लिने ? यसको जडित क्षमता ७० मेगावाट् भए पनि सुख्खायाममा करिब आधा मात्र उत्पादन गर्ने हुनाले अहिलेको बढ्दो लोडसेडिङ्‌का लागि मध्यमर्स्याङ्दीको भूमिका उल्लेखनीय भने हुने छैन । प्राधिकरणको भारप्रेषण केन्द्रका प्रमुख शेरसिंह भाटका अनुसार यो वर्षको हिउँदयाममा मध्यमर्स्याङ्दीले अपेक्षित उत्पादन गरे विद्यमान लोडसेडिङ्‌मा २ घन्टाले कमी आउनेछ ।

Thursday, 8 January 2009

These are wonderful Guinea pigs !

Guinea pigs are massively used in medical experiment in developed world. I have taken this clip at Barcelona, La Rambla. I wonder to see Guinea pigs as small chinese rats.



A rap song dedicated to Benazir Bhutto, also nicknamed as the daughter of east, from her own daughter.


Monday, 5 January 2009

Waking Göttingen

Göttingen is for me like a second home. In fact, I see it in different ways as my second home. The climate, vegetation, winter, etc. are the best catching nostalgic symbols of Goettingen to remind me of home. I was able to catch few special moments this morning through my lens. The waking Göttingen has even more beauty though one can still feel cold in the pictures.
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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Stop killing of innocent Palestinians

-----------------------------------------------------By Rajendra K.C.

I am not a politician who can give a marvellous logic for their all evils. Their words are always used to be cover all their misdeeds. They are the master of logics. They can prove the dark as the sun rise. They have mastery upon cheating the people !

I am not the religious and such other members of pro Israel or pro palestinian organisation who has to dominate or eliminate others. They might have many reasons for Palestinian to launch rockets to kill innocent Israelis and similarly blind Israelis might have many many reasons to attack upon Palestine and killing many innocent children and adults.
I am simply a human being who hates all form of terrorism, extremisms and brutality against people. I feel the same pain as it kills either Palestinian or Israelis. My heart burns when I heard any news of explosion, incursion and untimely demise of people. Tear rolls down in my cheek when I see the televison channels which are continuously showing the cries of suffered. My heart blows bigger at the killing of innocent children and adults. I get surprised with disguise faces of the socalled civilised society when I heard that they donot press and work enough to stop voilence against conflicting parties. The societies and nations where the small street fights or hooliganisms becomes the national news limelight, are being blind to see the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza, frightens me with the dark future of civilization. If these developed worlds press enough to Israel, it is stoppable. Similarly, the Muslim worlds who are supporting the extremists organisation like HAMAS, are not supporting the Palestine instead insisting Israel indirectly to attack opon Palestine. What a dual roles ! The parties who are pretending to be the fortune maker of Palestine and Israel, are destroying their lives. Unless and until these foreign hands stops blindly supporting these extremists, one state extremists and other religious, the innocent Palestinians will be losing their life and hope.
We strongly urge the whole world to act immediately to stop voilence in these regions. We ask Israel and Hamas both to agree upon ceasefire and act towards saving the life of Palestinians and Israelis. For these, we should not put our leg behind to ask the Israel to immediately stop the attack upon Gaza and killing the civilians. They should hold back their troops. Their present invasion and killing upon innocent Palestinians will indirectly strengthen more extremisms. The bloods that the Palestinian children and adults, the innocents are sacrificing will only creates better platform to generate more extremist organisation like HAMAS. That will create more chaos and bloody war in between. Hence, the Israeli government should rethink about its action and brutal HAMAS should think atleast about their people if not others and stops immediately launching rockets targeting normal Israeli civilians. The UN, European union and international communities should work integrately to stop immediately the brutal killing of both sides.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Wish you happy new year

In the earlier movie clips, we are trying to reviewing our last year and talking about the resoulution for 2009.

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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Wish you very happy new year 2009

We would like to wish you very happy New year to all Alumni of Goettingen University as well as all Nepalese and their well wisher! We are reviewing 2008 and talking about our future plan for 2009! Individual messages from every members of GöNeS have just been successfully uploaded! Please donot forget to provide your valuable suggestion on this attempt.


Interesting presentation by Lok Nath Paudel

Lok Nath Paudel who is going to be honored with Ph.D. degree shortly (within this month) gave a nice presentation about his research work and prosperous career. The topic of his presenation was, "Thulopokhara to Goettingen via SriLanka: a memorable tour"
The presentation and contents were inspiring to all of us. He truly mentioned about how he struggled in his life, how he added one brick over another to reach here. The real story looks like the nice story since people can not think that a person born in a village where there were not such a big dream and good infrastructure climbed all the successes in academic fields. He was awarded almost all kinds of honors in this academic arena. How he got the praise from an Indian teacher during his I.Sc. (Agriculture) exam by securing 100 marks out of hundered, how he topped the whole master programmes with unprecedented marks of 92 %, how he achieved the special appreciation from Srilankan University were heart touching and motivational to others. He further talked about his research on Buffalo and its importance in Nepalese economy. What a wonderful sequences and nicely structured presentation that were to sufficient to impress any kind of people. We wish him all the success in his coming endeavors. We would like to extend our best wishes for his Ph.D. defense and successes!
This presentation was the third in sequences since we started to organise every month a presentation by GöNeS member in different issues.


We have celebrated the 33rd birthday of Dr. Ajaya Jung Kunwar amid of Goettingeli Nepalese. His birthday was indirectly celebrated by whole world as he was born in the New year (of 1976).
We wish him all the successes in coming days on the occasion of happy birthday and new year 2009.

Palma Mallorca Beach, Spain