Monday, 19 January 2009

Lets refresh your mind for a while....!

If you are tired and bored with continuous study/work at your college or office, you might want to refresh your mood with some of the wonderful videos posted in youtube. Here are some of my favourite youtube videos. If you hadn't seen it before, I am sure you all will enjoy it.

Isn't this cute and lovely? A youngest samba/salsa dancer of this world... At this young age, she knows how to move with music...when to stop and when to begin with.

Amazing play between monkey and tiger.

I love this cute young girl singing in American idol. At the age of four, she remembers each and every word of the song and......... look at her confidence level, she is bold and brave...a mind blowing performance I would say.

Another lovely video, I absolutely admire her voice. She is Connie Talbot, at the age of 6 she went to the top 5 of "Britain got talent show 2007" which was not a child show but included all ages groups. You can sense innocence, purity, excellence and delicacy in her song. I feel like crying whenever I listen to her voice. I hope you all like it.

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rajendra said...

Wunderful! Outstanding! Mind blowing ! Excellent and all in all!

Thanks a lot for posting refresher or let's say appetizer. Hope to see you soon and soon in this blog.