Friday, 27 February 2009

Loss of job on the charge of stealing 1.30 Euro

Barbara E. was fired for allegedly stealing 1.30 euros. Now, the German media has transformed a 50-year-old supermarket cashier into a national hero. Even senior German politicians have voiced their solidarity. In these times of economic crisis, even such a measly sum as €1.30 ($1.66) can turn a supermarket cashier into a national hero -- and may ultimately cost a leading German politician his job.
In these times of economic crisis, even such a measly sum as €1.30 ($1.66) can turn a supermarket cashier into a national hero -- and may ultimately cost a leading German politician his job. Axel Schmidt/ddp
Barbara E. has turned into an unlikely national hero in Germany this week.That, at least, appears to be the moral of checkout clerk Barbara E.'s story. The 50-year-old mother of three, who goes by Emmely, was fired from her job at Kaiser's a year ago for allegedly stealing bottle deposit slips worth no more than a handful of pocket change. On Tuesday, a state labor court in Berlin upheld the grocery chain's right to dismiss Emmely. In the Thursday edition of the Berliner Zeitung, Wolfgang Thierse, a vice president of Germany's parliament, the Bundestag, blasted the ruling as "barbaric." He also said that such cases could "destroy people's confidence in democracy." Now, Berlin's leading legal organization is calling on Thierse to resign. The parliamentarian's comments, they say, have called the independence of the judiciary into question. Emmely's ascent to nationwide stardom has been dramatic. Even before Tuesday's court date, major papers across Germany carried long features telling her story. The mass-circulation tabloid Bild even put the veteran cashier, who has been working cash registers for 31 years, on its cover. The tone was clear: At a time when fat cats of the financial world have escaped relatively unscathed despite bringing the global economy to its knees, a common grocery store clerk loses her job for a few coins. Emmely quickly came to be seen as a martyr of class conflict.
Ms. E. began her career in East Germany and stayed on when the Kaiser's chain took over several supermarkets after Germany's reunification. On Jan. 12, 2008, two bottle deposit slips worth 48 euro cents and 82 euro cents were found in the store and turned in. The store accuses Emmely of having pocketed the slips before cashing them in while making purchases a few weeks later. According to the cashier's lawyer, Kaiser's has offered up no proof that she is guilty; she was apparently turned in by a co-worker. Emmely herself suspects she was fired because of her union activity. She participated in strikes against Kaiser's in 2007 and says herself that she was never one to keep her mouth shut. "The strikes were the reason why they wanted to get rid of me," she said, according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung. After losing an initial court battle in August, Emmely sued to get her job back a second time, a case that was heard on Tuesday. Hoards of supporters showed up and during court breaks, people rushed the plaintiff to shake her hand. In the week prior to the hearing, activists in Cologne even slapped stickers on bananas and radishes in a Kaiser's branch there reading "Solidarity with Emmely." In an economic climate where taxpayer-funded bank bailouts have become the norm, Emmely's case, it would seem, has struck a nerve. Unions, left-wing groups and politicians all expressed firm solidarity.
Nevertheless, the labor court upheld the August ruling in favor of Kaiser's, saying that a company has every right to fire an employee after "an irreparable breach of trust." "This would have never happened to a high-paid manager," Bild Zeitung quoted a Confederation of German Trade Unions as saying in a statement. Wolfgang Thierse isn't the only German politician who has voiced his discomfort with the court ruling. On Wednesday, Horst Seehofer, governor of the German state of Bavaria and a close political ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel, said "I don't understand how a cashier can be fired because of €1.30 while managers who lose billions can keep their jobs." Kaiser's answer came promptly. "We were good employers for Ms. E for 31 years," head of Kaiser's Tobias Tuchlenski told Bild Zeitung on Wednesday. "I can't understand why she stole from us. We have 5,000 employees in Berlin. Imagine what would happen if all of them stole €1.30 every day?"
(What can we learn from this real story in the case of Nepal and other developing countries like India, China and many such others ?!)

Farewell to Dr. Ajaya Jang Kunwar

GöNeS (Goettingeli Nepalese Society) organised farewell party to Dr. Ajaya Jang Kunwar who is leaving first for Nepal then USA to do his post doctoral research in NeuroScience. After approximately five years stay in Goettingen, Mr. Ajaya has been transformed to Dr. Ajaya while returning back to his family. We wish him all the best in every attempt of his life !


Thursday, 26 February 2009

It's hard to say good bye to you all......

By Dr. Ajaya Jang Kunwar

Um....! how should I start? I have always problem with fine starting. Ok, let me try… Today 26th Feb 09, I am about to leave Goettingen in just 4 more days, I Have almost spent my 5 years of life in Goettingen and it has been successful and satisfactory in a nutshell and I am heading my home with big degree or better I would say “achievement” in my life. I finished my Phd here and this has become dream come true. As a general rule, during everyone’s Phd period, one has to go various ups and down with his life, the day to day hard work in lab even working till 2AM at night, frustration you get when you don’t get result and many times it even becomes intolerable and painful. This is where I wanted to point out the importance of my friends in Goettingen, especially Nepalese Diasporas. I am very thankful to my entire GoNeS friend who supported me during my whole stay at Goettingen.
I remember those days back when I landed in Goettingen and for initial 3 months I was desperately searching Nepalese friends whom I can speak Nepali and after all, slowly I met with Bhakta narayan dai, and it was huge relief for me. Then, I met with prakask ji, Netraji, Madhab ji, Baburamji and later on Ajay pandeyji, Deepakji Loknath sir, Premji, Archanaji, Basunsdharaji, Rajendraji, santoshji, Babukajiji, Roshanji, Jitendraji, Devrajji, Bharatji, Hariji and some friends from outside of Goettingen. I miss you all specially friends who are still in Goettingen. I miss all the barbeque we made in Hasspokhari, maadal ghankai, Netraji’s DEUDA dance we shared altogether, the trip I made with Rajendraji in Italy and Barcelona. Fortunately, this time also I am travelling with Rajendraji till Delhi which is really fantastic. So, thank you for all the joyful moment you all gave me and made me energized every time whenever I met with you guys.
I miss the lovely smiles of children whenever I visited your home here. Specially Omisha’s Namaste accent, John’s Dance, Aaraju and Aditi’s cute and innocent smile, Cizita's way of spelling my name Ajayaji uncle all , Anshu's and Ayushma's innocency and other kids’s lovely face. I miss all bhauju’s love that you gave me, what else I wanted away from home besides a bunch of achar and special Nepali food. You gave me all what my mother could give in home. So, it’s really hard to say good bye to you at this moment.
Life is sometimes strange and time truly is strong. We never know where our destiny is. We might not even see face to face later, of course it doesn’t mean that we will not communicate. Obviously I will communicate with all of you via email and technology has made us very easy to see each other but meeting face to face in similar moment with specific purpose will be rare. So, every time when we meet we make a history and I miss all the wonderful histories we made here in Goettingen. At last moment I am really finding shortage of time to manage myself and wrapping up the things and with this extended mind I am trying to write something and I wanted to tell you all that each and every word and line has meaning and came from my heart. Thanks.. thanks... thanks.... once again.
Ajaya Jang Kunwar

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Ph.D. position in Forest Adaptation

The advertised position is part of the project “Forest Adaptation and Restoration in NE Germany (FARSeeING)”, a research cluster formed by working groups of the universities of Rostock and Greifswald and funded by the excellence program of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.The project focuses on the susceptibility of sites to drought and inundation as important consequences of climate change in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Within the project the task of the PhD student will be to generate a map of the edaphic drought and inundation susceptibility of sites in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as well as the description of the long term soil moisture dynamics for an elevated greenhouse gas emission scenario. Goal of the Ph.D. projects is the scientific qualification on an international level by, e.g. gaining skills in modern research and methodologies, publishing papers in international peer-reviewed journals, and participate on international conferences on the related topics.
We are looking for a highly motivated and team-oriented candidate with a strong background in landscape ecology and soil physics who has a M.Sc. or Diploma degree in environmental sciences or a related discipline. Experience in soil science, hydrological modelling (eg SWAT), and GIS and database management, would be a major asset. Successful applicants should be motivated to carry out intense computer work and detailed statistical analyses. The ideal Ph.D. candidate has a proven record of scientific achievement and will develop his/her own ideas within the framework of the project.
The preferred starting date is April 1st 2009. The deadline for applications is 06.03.2009, although the positions will remain open until filled. Salary is according to TVL 13/ 13Ü (east) (pending final approval by the state of Mecklenburg Vorpommern). The University of Rostock advocates gender equality. Women are therefore strongly encouraged to apply. Equally qualified severely handicapped applicants will be given preference.
Enquiries can be directed to Prof. Dr. Stephan Glatzel (Tel. 0381-4983220, stephan.glatzel(at) and Prof. Dr. Bernd Lennartz (Tel. 0381-4983180, bernd.lennartz(at) should send the application either in English or German to: Universität RostockDezernat für Personal und PersonalentwicklungD-18051 Rostock
The application should include a cover letter that includes a statement describing your experience and motivating your application, your curriculum vitae with publication list, copies of certificates. Please do not send original documents as the applications will not be send back.

Ph.D. position in Wildlife Management in Germany

PhD position (University of Bayreuth)
The Biogeographical Modelling group is looking for a highly motivated PhD student to take part in a research project on modelling studies for wildlife management in protected areas, funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt DBU.
Environmental conditions for red deer in the Bavarian Forest National park have changed substantially in recent years, through e.g. large scale bark beetle disturbances or removal of the border fence to the Czeck Republic. Further research needs arise from initiatives of the Bavarian Forest National park to bring its wildlife management closer in line with its philosophy of “let nature be nature”.
This project aims at (1) an improved understanding of the factors determining habitat use of red deer in the Bavarian Forest National park, (2) a process-based description of the spatial distribution of red deer activities, e.g. browsing, and (3) the development and evaluation of alternative management strategies. The project is part of a larger research program that integrates studies on the dynamics of forest succession, ungulates and lynxes.
The PhD student will analyze existing telemetry and land cover data with statistical methods like state space models, and develop a dynamic simulation model for the habitat use of red deer. There will be opportunities to develop and follow up on own ideas.
The project is conducted in close collaboration with partners from the Bavarian Forest National Park Administration (Dr Marco Heurich) and the ETH Zurich (Dr Lorenz Fahse).
Applicants should hold an MSc or Diploma degree in Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Geoinformatics, Physics, or related disciplines. A strong interest in wildlife biology, quantitative ecology and computational methods is essential. Knowledge in the fields of ecological modelling, spatial ecology, GIS, programming (R, C++), and statistics is advantageous.
Salary and conditions
Salary and benefits are according to a public service position in Germany (Tv-L 13/2). Preferred starting date is 1 May 2009. The position is available for three years.
The deadline for applications is 15 March 2009, although the position will remain open until filled. Applicants should send the following documents (preferably as a single pdf file) to the email address provided below: a CV, including the names and contact details (email address and telephone number) of two reference persons, copies of certificates, and a short summary of research interests.
For further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Björn Reineking (, Biogeographical Modelling, University of Bayreuth, 95440 Bayreuth (

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Spieder man climbing Moscow TALLEST BUILDING.

He is the French Spider man, named Alain Robert who already climbed 80 tallest building in the World. Most of the buildings he climbed without permission so arrested just after successfully climbing. After short while of interrogration, he used to be released.
This brave man recently climbed the tallest building in Hongkong.


Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Watch Full Movie SlumDog Millionaire

This is the very popular English Movie made on the story of Indian poor. This movie SlumDog Millionaire is nominated for OSCAR this year.

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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Children dancing on Nepalese song.......MaitiGhar...


Nepalese Children Dancing on Makhamali Pachhauri.....


Barah Hate Patuki..........Muglan

A popular Nepalese song, and two sweet children dancing on it.


Nepalese Sweet Children dancing in Deutsche Song


Friday, 13 February 2009

Nawaran (Name putting ceremony) celebration of AARON DEVKOTA

These are the some glimpses of auspicious name putting (NWARAN) ceremony of AARON Devkota in Goettingen, Germany. On the eleventh day of his birth, the Devkota family organised a party in their apartment to celebrate this occasion with all Nepalese friends staying in Goettingen. Nepalese friends extended their blessings to new born son and congratulated the luckiest parents at this pleasant occasion. All the members of GöNeS living in Goettingen were participating the programme.

AARON was born on 2 February 2009 at University Teaching Hospital of Goettingen University. He is second child in Devkota family. He has one elder sister, Aditi.

The parents Roshan Devkota and Sabita Devkota thanked everybody who have supported them directly on indirectly. Everybody were very happy and thankful to join and share the happy moment in Devkota family. On this great occasion, we would like to extend all the best wishes to newly born baby and family members.

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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Center of Stuttgart, Germany

This is the small video clip of Stuttgart city center.


Singing Nun


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Heartly Welcome To "AARON"

Welcome and Greetings to new born lovely son Aaron from Oldenburg (myself), and all the members of GöNeS living in Goettingen and beyond!
As happy news are coming to our friends in Goettingen,for this time, we would like to heartly welcome AARON Devkota, newly born twinkling star in Devkota Family (Rosan Devkota and Sabita Devkota). He was born in at 8:45 am (02.02.2009)at University Hospital of Goettingen. Aaron was 3.34 Kg weight when he was born. He is very very handsome boy and doing marvellously well in growth Mother and son, both are healthy and happy. He has spread plenty of happiness in the face of parents as well as all of us! Thanks a lot for him for spreading beautiful and happier moment to our Nepalese society in Goettingen and beyond!
At this very happy moment, we would like to congratulate parents (Roshan and Sabita) and offcourse elder sister "Aditi". We would like to extend all our best wishes for Aaron. We wish all the best for his future. As he has made all of us very happy, the almighty God will bless him for all his betterment and prosperity.We pray for with all God and Goddess for his healthy and twinkling future. Once again, lots of congratulation to parents and hearty welcome to our very new member of GöNeS.