Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Heartly Welcome To "AARON"

Welcome and Greetings to new born lovely son Aaron from Oldenburg (myself), and all the members of GöNeS living in Goettingen and beyond!
As happy news are coming to our friends in Goettingen,for this time, we would like to heartly welcome AARON Devkota, newly born twinkling star in Devkota Family (Rosan Devkota and Sabita Devkota). He was born in at 8:45 am (02.02.2009)at University Hospital of Goettingen. Aaron was 3.34 Kg weight when he was born. He is very very handsome boy and doing marvellously well in growth Mother and son, both are healthy and happy. He has spread plenty of happiness in the face of parents as well as all of us! Thanks a lot for him for spreading beautiful and happier moment to our Nepalese society in Goettingen and beyond!
At this very happy moment, we would like to congratulate parents (Roshan and Sabita) and offcourse elder sister "Aditi". We would like to extend all our best wishes for Aaron. We wish all the best for his future. As he has made all of us very happy, the almighty God will bless him for all his betterment and prosperity.We pray for with all God and Goddess for his healthy and twinkling future. Once again, lots of congratulation to parents and hearty welcome to our very new member of GöNeS.

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Anonymous said...

रोशन र सविताजी,
बधाई छ धेरै धेरै तपाईंहरूलाई ! स्वागत छ नयाँ पाहुनालाई !!!

बाबु काजी डल्लाकोटी