Thursday, 26 February 2009

It's hard to say good bye to you all......

By Dr. Ajaya Jang Kunwar

Um....! how should I start? I have always problem with fine starting. Ok, let me try… Today 26th Feb 09, I am about to leave Goettingen in just 4 more days, I Have almost spent my 5 years of life in Goettingen and it has been successful and satisfactory in a nutshell and I am heading my home with big degree or better I would say “achievement” in my life. I finished my Phd here and this has become dream come true. As a general rule, during everyone’s Phd period, one has to go various ups and down with his life, the day to day hard work in lab even working till 2AM at night, frustration you get when you don’t get result and many times it even becomes intolerable and painful. This is where I wanted to point out the importance of my friends in Goettingen, especially Nepalese Diasporas. I am very thankful to my entire GoNeS friend who supported me during my whole stay at Goettingen.
I remember those days back when I landed in Goettingen and for initial 3 months I was desperately searching Nepalese friends whom I can speak Nepali and after all, slowly I met with Bhakta narayan dai, and it was huge relief for me. Then, I met with prakask ji, Netraji, Madhab ji, Baburamji and later on Ajay pandeyji, Deepakji Loknath sir, Premji, Archanaji, Basunsdharaji, Rajendraji, santoshji, Babukajiji, Roshanji, Jitendraji, Devrajji, Bharatji, Hariji and some friends from outside of Goettingen. I miss you all specially friends who are still in Goettingen. I miss all the barbeque we made in Hasspokhari, maadal ghankai, Netraji’s DEUDA dance we shared altogether, the trip I made with Rajendraji in Italy and Barcelona. Fortunately, this time also I am travelling with Rajendraji till Delhi which is really fantastic. So, thank you for all the joyful moment you all gave me and made me energized every time whenever I met with you guys.
I miss the lovely smiles of children whenever I visited your home here. Specially Omisha’s Namaste accent, John’s Dance, Aaraju and Aditi’s cute and innocent smile, Cizita's way of spelling my name Ajayaji uncle all , Anshu's and Ayushma's innocency and other kids’s lovely face. I miss all bhauju’s love that you gave me, what else I wanted away from home besides a bunch of achar and special Nepali food. You gave me all what my mother could give in home. So, it’s really hard to say good bye to you at this moment.
Life is sometimes strange and time truly is strong. We never know where our destiny is. We might not even see face to face later, of course it doesn’t mean that we will not communicate. Obviously I will communicate with all of you via email and technology has made us very easy to see each other but meeting face to face in similar moment with specific purpose will be rare. So, every time when we meet we make a history and I miss all the wonderful histories we made here in Goettingen. At last moment I am really finding shortage of time to manage myself and wrapping up the things and with this extended mind I am trying to write something and I wanted to tell you all that each and every word and line has meaning and came from my heart. Thanks.. thanks... thanks.... once again.
Ajaya Jang Kunwar


D. Gautam said...

Wow! how nicely you presented your loves and inspirations towards us. Your truly emotions and feelings in the forms of well knitted words will always touch the heart of the whole family of GoeNeSo. We are missing our BONAFIDE and ACTIVE member of GoeNeSo. We wish you all the best in your personal as well as professional careers. God bless you for every dreams come true that you wish to see in the future. Keep up you simplicity and lovely smiling. communicate about your progress wherever you are.

akunwar said...

Dear Ranjendraji,
Thanks for posting my view and picture as well.