Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Request to post Congratulation to Lok Nath Paudel

Mr. Lok Nath Paudel is going to be transformed to Dr. Lok Nath Paudel on 23rd of this month. He is going to be conferred Ph.D. degree in "Animal Breeding and Production Systems" from the one of the best university in the world: Goettingen University, Germany.
He has made extensive study about the "Buffaloes in Nepal". He has studied how much importance is the "buffalo farming" for the daily livelihood of Nepalese farmers and also the Nepalese economy. His study and the recommendation are very practical and implementable in the countries like Nepal. I am pretty sure upon implication of his study.
As his graduation day is just three days after, I would like to request you all to provide your valuable and sweet words of congratulation to him. I wil post all the comments immediately. As words are more powerful and valuable than any other presents, I think you will certainly like to offer your beautiful words, congratulations or well wishes to his coming future! If someone wants to upload his voice or visuals, you are requested to upload in Youtube and send us the link, we will upload here to congratulate him. Let's use the technology ! Nomatter, how near or farther we are, we can show our presence by utilising the technology.
Once again, thanks a lot to all of you!


Bishnu said...

Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mama

Anonymous said...


Ke ho Paudel sir lai buffalo-'tandra' ko leader banai-dine.........Yestai dikhiyo ni Cartoon ma ta!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lok Nath Sir and ALL Goettingeli friends,
My heart-felt congratulation to Paudel Sir.
We wish you all the best in your
academic and professional life. Hope it would be at least a drop of
contribution in 'Naya Nepal' by transforming the knowledge into practice.
Great! thanks to Rajendrajee for pro-active facilitation of the celebration.
It gives me pleasure to have e-participation during the celebration in
Gengeliezel and onward procession.

Warm regards from cold Maine,

Damodar said...

My heartfelt Congratulations!!!!!!!! and best wishes for the days ahead!!!!!!!!!!