Friday, 23 January 2009

Wholehearted Congratulations to Loknath Sir!

Though it took almost a day to upload this video, I am sure Dear Loknathsir, I am not late to extend my wholehearted congratulations to you and Bhavi. I like to join all other friends in their heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to you for the PhD and beyond. Looking at your hardwork and successional progress, we have a lot of respects and honor not only to your academic excellence, but also to the down to earth personality that you have, which I call it your asset. This is also the reason, why so many words are coming from our hearts to congratulate you without any resistance.

Once again, many congratulations and our best wishes to your
forthcoming journeys. We trust that you will always be doing outstanding in any areas you step in, but we will always remain curious to hear your achievements and progress in future.

All the best,

Netra Bhandari

Thank you very much for visiting this site !


rajendra said...

Excellent post! Beyond the imagination of many people, how the congratulation could be posted in lively way. I agree 100% on his remarks to the personality of Lok Nath Sir.

We wish all the best in his long journey to serve nepal and nepalese people! All the best!!


Baburam said...

Great and many thanks Netrajee, for your innovative idea of broadcasting. Excellent presentation to summarizing description of the achievement in this crucial time.
Our heartfelt congratulation to Dr. Lok Sir and Usha Madam.

loknath said...

Dear Netra Sir,
Thanks lot for your kind greetings! The way of formulation of the message and the medium used are really amazing!! I think that my shoulders are not yet so strong to bear so wonderful greetings!
I am sure that whatever I have been acheiving in Goettingen have been made possible because of the kind wishes, cooperation and inspiration from my friends, like you!!
I do not have exact words to express my hartfelt thanks for your inspiration.
Thanks lot to all of you!!
Sincerely yours,
Lok Nath and Usha Paudel