Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Full Moon Day in Göttingen

The last full-moon day in Goettingen was very special and bright. Specially piercing through the thin and cold air, one could just feel the preciousness of the Full-Moon. Despite the cold outside, gazing at Moon through the window pane was just thrilling with the view over Goettingen. I have capture few glimpses of that evening though in my heart is more fresh and clearer.

When we look at nature and the life in a parallel manner what is not to like in fact. The part of the winter with fresh cold gives me the feeling that I am still alive. Well, I am not sharing the clue about the cold shower. I hope you will enjoy how the long-exposure shot can capture such beautiful moment even with a simple camera.

Wish you a nice remaining days of the Winter!


Street lights in Weende area under the Moon light

Towards North Campus- Moon light is amazing- it is modest, calm and beautiful!

Another exposure towards North!

The E-ON energy center- keeps Goettingen alive- heating and electricity

Western part of Goettingen to be seen from Weende

Some more!

The sleeping city on ice

A plant on the moon shadow

Not a magic!- playing with light on the long exposure

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BR said...

Great photo, hilander!