Sunday, 4 January 2009

Stop killing of innocent Palestinians

-----------------------------------------------------By Rajendra K.C.

I am not a politician who can give a marvellous logic for their all evils. Their words are always used to be cover all their misdeeds. They are the master of logics. They can prove the dark as the sun rise. They have mastery upon cheating the people !

I am not the religious and such other members of pro Israel or pro palestinian organisation who has to dominate or eliminate others. They might have many reasons for Palestinian to launch rockets to kill innocent Israelis and similarly blind Israelis might have many many reasons to attack upon Palestine and killing many innocent children and adults.
I am simply a human being who hates all form of terrorism, extremisms and brutality against people. I feel the same pain as it kills either Palestinian or Israelis. My heart burns when I heard any news of explosion, incursion and untimely demise of people. Tear rolls down in my cheek when I see the televison channels which are continuously showing the cries of suffered. My heart blows bigger at the killing of innocent children and adults. I get surprised with disguise faces of the socalled civilised society when I heard that they donot press and work enough to stop voilence against conflicting parties. The societies and nations where the small street fights or hooliganisms becomes the national news limelight, are being blind to see the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza, frightens me with the dark future of civilization. If these developed worlds press enough to Israel, it is stoppable. Similarly, the Muslim worlds who are supporting the extremists organisation like HAMAS, are not supporting the Palestine instead insisting Israel indirectly to attack opon Palestine. What a dual roles ! The parties who are pretending to be the fortune maker of Palestine and Israel, are destroying their lives. Unless and until these foreign hands stops blindly supporting these extremists, one state extremists and other religious, the innocent Palestinians will be losing their life and hope.
We strongly urge the whole world to act immediately to stop voilence in these regions. We ask Israel and Hamas both to agree upon ceasefire and act towards saving the life of Palestinians and Israelis. For these, we should not put our leg behind to ask the Israel to immediately stop the attack upon Gaza and killing the civilians. They should hold back their troops. Their present invasion and killing upon innocent Palestinians will indirectly strengthen more extremisms. The bloods that the Palestinian children and adults, the innocents are sacrificing will only creates better platform to generate more extremist organisation like HAMAS. That will create more chaos and bloody war in between. Hence, the Israeli government should rethink about its action and brutal HAMAS should think atleast about their people if not others and stops immediately launching rockets targeting normal Israeli civilians. The UN, European union and international communities should work integrately to stop immediately the brutal killing of both sides.

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