Saturday, 18 July 2009

Memorable visit to New Botanical Garden of University

Children with their parents under the marvellous architecture, explaining about the formation of continents. The gate belongs to Department of Geology of Georg August University, Goettingen.

On the way returning to apartment, around 6:30 pm, again the sky turned black with dark clouds and started to rain. But it was for very short time.
Even Aarju was happy to visit this place!
Everybody is fascinated with the beautiful landscape, different kinds of plants & their management!
Small wooden bridge connects botanical garden with nearby Forest !
This is the den made of Cupressus Branches! Children posing like Lion living in the den!
Kalpana Bhauju also liked these flowers!
Cizita is more than happy to shot with these beautiful flowers!
After long walks, why not to relax for a while!
Children learned many things about different flower, their cultivation and importance!
Everyone like to be captured with the beautiful scene !
This place is attractive for everyone!
Cizita is also practicing meditation there !
Avi Raman is practicing meditation on the rock.
Even small kids like Aarju has enjoyed and experienced small aggregates !
Children enjoying above the big rocks. They are seemed in different mood!
On the way, we taught children about Elternhaus, Deutsche Rotekreuz, Maple tree and such other important things. They were curious to listen about these things!
At 13:00 O'Clock, we started our tour towards Botanical Garden. There were few drops of rain. It was seemed to occur heavy downpour. Despite of this, we didnot stop and continue the journey!

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