Saturday, 18 July 2009

Beutiful flowers and their varieties !

These are the few photos of the flowers that we shot this afternoon during our visit to Rose Garden of Georg-August University, Goettingen. These flowers are very beautiful and spreading the happiness towards everywhere. When we see and feel these flowers and their fragrances, we remembered that the popular song by Ani, "Ful ko Aakha ma Fulai Sansar, Kada ko Akha ma Kadai Sansar; Jhulkinchha hai Chhaya Bastu Ansar." We didnot experience thorns, we swam only in the beauty of these flowers. Might be it is due to the impression by song or something else, we donot know. I think that you all have seen only the beauty of these flowers, not the thorns existed there! Am I right !

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