Saturday, 18 July 2009

Our Sweet daughters !

These are among few sweet daughters in Goettingen. We have seven daughters altogether in Goettingen. Aarju, Aditi, Amisha (Omisha), Angila, Anshu, Ayushma and Cizita. Out of seven, the name of six daughters start with nepali alphabet "AA". All they are pretty and talented in different field of child world. We wish all the happiness in their face! May God provide them all the happiness and enjoyment in their lives. We wish to put photos from other daughters also in our small window towards rest of the world, our Blog. Would you please to send few photos to me or upload yourself into this blog?!

(Innocences abroad on the faces of Angila, Ayushma and Aarju: the combination of holiness and honesty, selflessness and simplicity!)

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