Thursday, 23 July 2009

What is this? Drama or Intuition?!

It is very difficult to understand what is our Prime minister Madhav Kumar Nepal doing there! Is he playing a drama? I am surprised with the pityful condition of the hospital, saline water hanging on the wall instead of any stand. What does that mean to him and policy maker? Probably nothing.

If they have small headache or little vomitting, they immediately run to APOLLO or AIMS New delhi, but for the poor people from rural areas has to sacrifice their life without any treatment. Many children loss their life in the absence of Cetamol, Jeevan Jal or such basic medicines!

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highlander said...

Absolutely funny picture of Makune! Mala on his neck is even more funny. This is the reality picture of our country, where more than 150 people died just because not having proper access to safe drinking water. At this circumstance, to talk about policitcs and CA is just a shame.