Wednesday, 15 July 2009

TEST your Knowledge on National Geography !

This is the beautiful place in Nepal. I would like to ask you, to write the name of the place. There is the surprise prize for the correct answer.


highlander said...

Dear Rajendraji,
This is Khalanga Bazar of Jumla. Two Rainbows over the little hill near Jumla airport are interesting and beautiful. The photo is shot from Vijayanagar. So funny part of this photo is that I never thought of so many metal roofs in Jumla, in such an isolated place.
- Netra

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt about the beauty of jumla.Jumla district is part of Karnali Zone and it is a headquarter of karnali zone.The origin of Nepali language is Sinja of Jumla. Therefore, the Nepali dialect "Khas Bhasa" is still spoken among the people in this region.Vijayanagar is my birth place n my home town too.its small town but beautiful. We Jumli people didnt found good leader... hope to see good leader from our place soon.

Gareeb Ekta Zindabadh
Ghanshyam Dangi