Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Earning "interests" from German Banks

Sharing beneficial information among Goettingeli and other people living in Germany:

(Other people can also share such beneficial information to us via. this blog or emails to make others life easier, the information can be anything from Scholarship available to job offers, from cheap market price to places to see etc.)

Generally, we nepalese lacks in sharing the information that we have. Even our information might benefit others without harming our own benefits, people donot want to share. Since this is the age of information sharing. People use to say that "information is the power" however we have to work a lot in this aspects. Nepalese are lacking behind to other nationals inside or outside the country due to lack of information sharing among themselves. Many opportunities used to be missed or snatched by others due to lack of information.

If some of our friends living in Germany would like to save some money, here is some suggestions. The Deutsche Bank and such other bank are providing opportunities to gain interest to the hard earned money of the people. They give interests on the fixed deposits of clients. But the fix deposits should be above than 2500 Euro.

People can get approximately 3.5% interests for half yearly deposits, and around 5 percent for yearly deposits. To open the fixed deposit account, the bank doesnot charge any monthly fee.

So, if someone is interested to earn little bit money, he is advised to save their money in fixed deposits account of Deutsche or such other banks.

The procedure of depositing is quite easier. We just need the bank cards and such other things. And, the time needed is just 20 minutes for whole operation.

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