Saturday, 6 September 2008

Crossing 100 Kilometer per hour in Skateboard!

Can you imagine that the maximum speed that one can travel on SKATE? Skate doesnot use to have any extra source of energy such as fuel, electricity, battery. Nothing is there, but a stuntman with the help of initial force exerted with fast moving motorcycle exceeded the speed of 100 kilometer per hour.

The skater run on the German Highway near to Munich on June. The stuntman is still unidentified, but German Police is searching for that man, because he has broken the safety rule of German Highway.

Germany is only the country in the world where there is not control in speed limit in the road. Government tried many times to impose the speed limiting rule but couldnot since people have opposed strongly about this. Crossing one hundred twenty kiometer per hours is quite common.

The German police is searching that man because that might be dangerous to other fast moving cars and the drivers. What a strict rule! What a caring Government!! Can we imagine that your intention to break some record, might be violating others right endangering their life, and it is punisheable in the countries like ours!

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