Saturday, 6 September 2008

How could the DFO work under this situation?!

District Forest Officer of Banke, Mr. Hem Aryal is going to be taken into the partly enclosed in his chamber by Youth Force Nepal. Youth Force Nepal is a sister organisation of Unified Marxist and Leninist. What a nonsense that the sister organisation of rulling parties are taking law into their hands.
One organization is forcing him to release the arrested culprits, and another is forcing him to take back the released person. What a dubious characteristics! How can a honest government officer work under this kind of pressures.
DFO Hem Aryal is well known for his intellectuality and honesty not only among the fellow colleagues but among the civil societies and people.
He has arrested the timber smuggler, Udi Ram Oli, who was smuggling timber from proposed "JANA EKTA WOMEN COMMUNITY FOREST" in Banke. It is not allowed to harvest and sale any kind of proposed Community forestry since it is not legally handed over to the people. The rulling Maoist party forced the DFO to release the culprits. DFO couldnot resist the pressure from major rulling party, NCP (Maoist) so released the culprits. Just after the release of culprits, the YFN, the newly formed sister organisation of another rulling party NCP (UML) took action against the DFO to give pressure to rearrest the released person.
DFO rightly said that he will take the appropriate action if and only if he is allowed to work in fair and neutral situation. I have full support to him regarding his endeavor.

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