Friday, 19 September 2008

PM Prachanda does not know who is which minister in his cabinet!

Today, I was watching the NTV news about the resignation of Matrika Yadav, while I heard the short comments from Prime minister Prachanda about the action taken to Matrika, he was saying "Ban Mantri (Forest Minister)" Matrika Yadav!

Oh! prime minister Prachanda! Is Matrika Yadav the Forest Minister in your cabinet? Certainly not! Present Forest Minister is Kiran Gurung whereas Matrika Yadav is the minister for Land Reform. He was former Forest Minister in the cabinet of Girija Koirala.

This mis quote displays that the present cabinet is too big (Jumbo), so it is difficult to know and remember each and every minister correctly. So, why not to reduce the size of cabinet so that he can remember all of his ministers and also the burden to national treasury!

If you want to watch that movie, you can watch on the archive of

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