Sunday, 21 September 2008

Nepalese Stall in Goettingen

Yesterday, Goettingen Municipality organised a programme about the children from alll over the world. There were around 60 stalls from roughly 50 countries. Among them, one was about Nepal. When I reached there with my children, it was surprising to me because the install was set up by Germans. There were none Nepalese, few German were displaying some informatin about Nepalese children. There were some Nepalese flags printed on paper. The flags they made on the Windows paint brush programme hence looks quite funny! We respect their feelings and love towards Nepal. There efforts are really praise worthy.

There were many other stalls about different countries and there were the people from their respective countries describing or demonstrating about their lovely nation. But, we didnot know these things and missed the opportunities. All the costs were born by Goettingen Municipality. We will think to participate in next year programme.

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