Friday, 25 May 2007

The Inventory excursion

The bigger tree is 150 yrs old Oak and the thin tree is 100 yrs old Beech tree.

Can you guess the age of this BEECH tree? No......? This 100 years old. The poor growth in temperate.
Can you recognise this species? This is Sisno (Urtioca dioca), very proteinous and nutritious plants.
If you feed the newly delivered women, it provides lots of milk for breast feeding to her newly borne child (this is the common practice to the poor women of Nepal). Very important but hatred plant for its burning and itching property. Thanks to Cristoph Fishcher correcting the botanical name of it.

Dr. Meg (in the middle) the higher authority of Lowr Saxony, discussing about the management option to students.
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