Thursday, 17 May 2007

LIGNA: the world of wood

Lignum is the Latin word meaning the wood. Therefore, the greatest exhibition of wood and its modern technology, got the name LIGNA. It is the largest fare in the world of its kind about timber, its product and modern technology.

The LIGNA is being held here in Hannover (Germany) from 14 to 16 May, 2007. More than 1400 participants from 40 countries have been participating here . They have demonstrated their technology, products and machines here. From harvesting, logging to the final products, all forms of the timber utilisation could be seen there.

From hand made handicrafts, to the ultra modern technology in forest utilisation, from the research institutes to the wood industries, all have choosen this Expo to show their relative excellency in the field. They have provided good platform to all to show everything in a place.

In this Expo, the wooden vehicle, lots of handicrafts, and big machines and harvesting instruments were found successful to gather audience attentions.

This business of these products were also highest, millions of Euro have been spent there on the business. Lots of employment and revenue generated for the nation.

We are thankful to our university and DAAD for organising such a fruitful excursion.

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