Thursday, 24 May 2007

Some remarks about German and us.

Aasha Khattri
Goettingen, Germany

Today I want to share my experiences staying here in Germany for six months. It does not mean that I know all about here and also I am trying to show my win over nepalipan, but I just want to share and compare living philosophy of their and ours sothat we could make some progress in future.

Actually I don't know much about German and Germany people, but in between 5 or 6 months , I got chance to see the people of Germany (especially Gottingen people) from near distance. People who had been once to Europe, they use to say Europe is like this. Everything here is well managed and so on. But when I came here I got more than that. When I started to observe the behaviors of the German, I realised the way that they are following is really a way towards civilisation and development. And their dutifulness and devotions towards work is incomparable. They are so devoted to their profession that is beyond our imagination.

Before 5, 6 days I met a doctor for our families' eye treatment. And I saw her so simple, so dutiful that we never have seen in Nepal. Her behaviour towards patient was very lovely. She behaved us very nicely. There were no boundary of doctor and patient, only the humanity and professionalism was there. Not with the doctor and patients relation but as the mothers, we shared a lot about our children and we returned happily ,with lots of sweet memory our house in the evening. Thank to her generosity and politeness, indebtedness for her honesty and kindness who didnot ask to buy unnecessary medicines and glass even after my request. Is this possible in Nepal? Never, doctor (most of) thinks them as the second god and superior to rest of the society, and never talk to their patients with respectful words. They are so artificial in behaving that really make the patient more ill rather than early recovery. And, also imagine the tests, medicines, X-rays, Ultrasounds that prescribed unnecessary for the illicit desires of money making. What a pity to say but it is the reality, and these reality will not going to be improved in future too. Do not blame me for partiality and pessimist.

While returning from the Clinic, one fact was roaming in my mind. The day, when I went to the hospital for my sister's treatment. Actually, in our country patients get fear with doctor because there are many cases we hear about bad treatment and so on. I was with her. I entered to the doctor's cabin with my sister. The doctor was the ladies one. She asked the patient to sleep. And she started to ask about her. I was there and tried to say something about her. I sat down in front of her chair. But the doctor scold me saying not to sit. And you know the patient was crying all the time but at that time she was busy to set the pictures of her son in her mobile set, perhaps it was newly purchased. And while I said something about patient's case, at that time she became so fired as if I have done a great mistake. I got much anger with her behavior too, but you know we patients think that if we said something negative to them they may kill us or do bad to us . So I did not dared to say anything to her. Silently, i came out of the room. And after 5,6 minutes the male doctor came there and for few time they became busy to share their personal matters. And after that she checked her and admitted to the hospital. It's the situation of our country and you know if the patient thinks doctors as wild animal, than when would be there a friendly relationship between a doctor and patient. How a patient will dare to say his/her problems in front of the doctor who behaves him/ her like a wild animal?A person becomes frustrated when he/she becomes a patient. And you know when the doctors whom we say the 2nd god, behave like this how one can tolerate? How the poor patient can win the disease?

Not only in health sector, we see such mis deeds in every field. It is not that there are no good persons in my country but within the whole population the majority of the people is with this corrupted and selfish people. From governmental school to administrative offices, no one is without it's touch. And if any one tries to lead properly, majority of people speak against him. And he doesn't knows where he got new appointment perhaps in remote part of the country where there is no facility of electricity,vehicles and so on. Also, he/she could be fired, loss life or ill behaved by colleagues.

Such is the condition of my poor country. I wrote this only to recall the present situation which perhaps we had forgot while staying at Germany. Until and unless the behavour is not changed from leaders to professionals, it is impossible to expect any change for the nation. No new Nepal would be borne thorough this mentality and behaviour. Let's reverse the situation. But who will dare to be stupid rather than being the part and parcel of this well adopted, no risk system !

Here we see, people have great value of time. We easily make delay and say it's our'Nepali time' but the German people respect the time and use it wisely. From housewife to professional ladies, all are busy in doing something. Here is no boundry for working as in my country. Everyone is working, reading and doing something new. But we staying full day in house, get nothing new.You know we get frustration because we never get any newness in our whole life. The compromise between a husband and wife is really unforgettable in this place. Both go for work and duty but they both are equally attentive for their kids. If anyone does this in our place than everyone start to laugh at him. Because there is a good (!) philosophy in our country that man should not do any household works and he is expected to show is bossism even in house and with family. Then only his moustache get value ! What a rubbish idea ! what a lagging behind culture!

Here is a well adopted and practical system for everything. Everyone follows the system. And doing something systematically, always produces good results. When we visit any shops, like PENNY, LIDL, we can see the honesty, politeness and discipline of the workers. How the business fails if there is the strong chain of devotion and faith between one another? If there was also the same in my country, if the manager does not make corrupt and ill-force the workers, workers doesn't neglect their work. This will not be impossible thing to bring change. But while we think, we think. We never get such behaviour even from the well educated ones who knows better than they do.

Writing these bitter trues, I just want to show the differences between us and Germans. If everyone became obedient and dutiful, responsible and accountable for his /her work, if all people love their nation and nationality and if there is no discrimination between work, male, female and so on, then it would not be difficult for reformation. And one day we will be the examples for others as the Germans are today.

While concluding my opinions, I like to say all our Nepalese people not to fight for themselves. If we are fighting always we will not get time to go forward and time will never be back neither it will wait for we all. We just make stop for our own watch but we cannot stop time. So I would like to request all to realise this and don't waste even a single minute doing nothings.

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Anonymous said...

What an interesting and amazing opinion of Germans and Germany! I recently travelled to Nepal and while I got to see a bit of the country, I did not really get any idea of how Nepalese people look at their own lives and country, least how they see Germans and Germany. I think many people in Germany would be surprised to find that foreigners could have such a picture of their country. And I myself am surprised to read some of these not so nice things about Nepal, because I just had the opposite impression when I was there -that everybody was very friendly and respectful. But then that is the problem of every tourist: we don't get the real picture of living in the countries we visit...