Friday, 25 May 2007

Taxus baccata

The 20 years Taxus baccata tree, the leaf is used to extract taxol which is needed to make the medicines for breat cancer.
They told that the leaves are toxic and cannot be eaten neither by animals.
But it has the taxol which can be sold at more than US $ 10000 per Kg.
It is being exported from Nepal, but I do not know why they are not thinking towards this.
The Taxus leaves here at Gottingen forest, also we have the same spp in Nepal which is being exploited for the extraction of Taxol. Dabur Nepal has exploited it heavily. The royalty for one kg of taxus leaves is around 25 cent, but people use to sell it at around 2.5 Euro per kg. After extraction company is getting more than 10 thousand US $.
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highlander said...

Rajendraji, I just got to see your blog. It is quite interesting the way you have arranged your blog. Good job!

Regarding Taxus baccata export from Nepal, it is true that Taxus baccata has been (semi)-processed since a long time. The company is supposed to be in Hetauda. However, there have been many manipulations, which believes to be exchanged in the name of Abies spectabilis or Abies pindrow, which is Thingre Salla because of the ban imposed to export in its crude from.