Sunday, 17 June 2007

DAAD meeting at Giessen

DAAD organised 3 days meeting at Giessen university from 15-17 th June, 2007. Around 600 scholars participated in the programme. Post Doctorate, Doctorate and Master student in different subjects were participated. The participants were from almost all over the world. Only one person (me) was from Nepal. That really was really pity. But, more than 50 participants were from India and Pakistan.

At the first day, the programme was officially inaugurated by the Higher
Education Minister of Hessen.
He was quite vocal and motivated all to work hard and know the country. He further said that all the DAAD scholars are good will ambassador of the German.

There were question-answer sessions on the same day. The Secretary of DAAD replied the questions and grievances of the participants. Among the chief speaker of the first day were the president of Giessen University and the Mayor of Giessen Rathaus.

The Giessen university is the 400 years old university and more than 22 thousands students are currently studying there. The University was established on 1607 AD.

On the second day, there were lots of lectures in different subjects and they were quite fruitful. They organised the summer party at the renowned castle of Rohanhuassen (?).

It was quite nice and beautiful. Everything were quite good except we missed Asiatic food, especially rice, pulse and vegetable.

During the whole programme, they took care of even the minute thing. From meal to breakfast, from couselling to kinder care, they impresed all.

On the third day, we visited another City Marburg. It is the old city and quite beautiful. There is the famous university of Marburg which is also around 500 years old. What a long educational history ! They have maintained the historic buildings in the same conditions as it was in the past. Very beautiful and impressive city is the MARBURG.

We are very grateful to DAAD for providing this wonderful opportunity. We could experience the German cultures of pleasant hospitality and friendship. They are caring and daring for us. Danke schön fur alle.

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