Saturday, 23 June 2007

Entomology Excursion

Around 12 students and teachers, from TIF, orgnised excursion about entomology on June 23 here in Goettingen. The place is the strict nature reserve or protected area which is earlier used by German army is the training site.

There were Sea before 90 million years ago. At present we could see the see bed there. This is managed as the historic and natural site.

This area covers around 200 ha. of forests but managed well and people would like to go there during the weekend as the refreshing site.

In developing country forest is the place to go only for poor, no rich people would prefer to go there. But, in contrast to this, the rich people prefer to go there. What a difference between thinking !

The excursion was quite nice. We caught little bit insects. They range from butterfly, moths, beetle to spiders and so many.

Today, we found the Larix spp. Which is the only pinus
species which sheds leaves completely during winter. It can grow even in Siberia. Interessante ! There were some damage due to the bark beetle. They every fortnightly use to monitor the growth and infestation of insects, pests. When they find the infestation by bark beetle, they use to cut the tree and burn everything. The bark borer use to bore the bark and make channels inside.

Inside the forest, we could find one stone well, that was 15oo years old. That proves that there was the settlement before that period. At the end, we were offered nice cakes prepared by Dr. Sergio Angeli and we finished our excursions around 1 pm.

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