Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Goettengeli Nepalese Samaj interacted with UML Gen. Secretary

19 August, 2007 (Frankfurt, Germany)

Four members of Goettengeli Nepalese Samaj got opportunity to interact with CPN (UML) General Secretary and Former Deputy Prime minister of Nepal Madhav Kumar Nepal and central committee member and Foreign department chief of same party Bhim Rawal. The interaction was held in Hotel Everest at Frankfurt.

These prominent leaders of Nepal have on the way to their visit to Europe to interact with Nepalese and well wisher of Nepal about the present political situation and upcoming election of Constituent Assembly. Around 70 Nepalese including honorable ambassador Dr. Madan Kumar Bhattarai, NRN German sector chief Dil Gurung were presented there. Nepalese residing here in Germany regardless of their political background participated in the interaction programme and talked openly with one of the high ranked political leader of Nepal.

General Secretary and Former Deputy prime minister said "you are the goodwill ambassador of Nepal, with your activities foreigners make opinion about country therefore with your hardworking, honesty and well behaviour, you could make better image of the country." Furthermore, he stressed that the CA election is must to be held on time. He did not forget to mention about threats and difficulties, also the golden opportunities to shape the future of Nepal and Nepalese. He asked all Nepalese residing in and out, to assist the country to achieve the goal of restructuring new Nepal via. CA poles.

He also strongly said the need of eight parties unity to materialise the achievements of last year historic movements. To held the CA election, to root out the monarchism and to draft the constituents of Nepal, the unity is not only necessary but also compulsory, he emphasized.

On the same day, the Nepalese Democratic Forum has been formed. NDF has been trying to involve the Nepalese regardless of their political affiliation. The motive of NDF is to assist the country to get the long waited achievements human rights, democracy, development, republicans, inclusion and unity.

Babu Ram Rijal, Ajaya Kunwar, Ajaya Pandey and Rajendra K.C. have participated the programme and shared opinions on behalf of Goettengeli Nepalese Samaj. The leaders expressed their well wishes to Goettengeli Samaj's prosperity and success.

Friends residing in Goettengen can hear and see the recorded programme from us.

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