Monday, 13 August 2007

Let's join hand to help flood victims

As we all know, this monsoon has been devatating for the South Asian people. More than 25 million people have been displaced and worsely affected by the floods. India, Bangladesh and Nepal have been the center of devastation.

Lots of people lots their lifes (around 100 in Nepal alone), properties and lands. They are spending needy life nowadays.

In this junture of sorrows, we Goettengeli people are collecting fund to assist the affected people. All the nepalese and nepalese well wisher are asked for the supports what they can provide.

We will be indebted to those who could provide their supports nomatter how much they could provide. Not only the monetrary supports but also moral supports would be highly appreciated. The name of donor would be posted in the blog and other nepalese news sites.

Until now, all nepalese family residing Goettingen contributed 20 € x10=200€ and Ajaya Kunwar (30€). Altogether, we could manage 230€ nearly equivalent to 22 thousands nepalese rupees. That might be small amount but with that small amount, we are sending our sentiment of harmony and helping eachother at the time of need.

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