Thursday, 27 September 2007

Maoists grievously injure ANNFSU leader

KATHMANDU, Sept 27 - In yet another instance of impunity, cadres of the Young Communist League allegedly beat up a student leader of All Nepal National Free Student Union (ANNFSU) in Pokhara Friday and left him on the banks of the Seti River.
Dudh Prasad Ghale, Secretary of ANNFSU Gandaki Zonal Committee, was found unconscious and in a critical condition at the foot of a cliff near Prithivi Narayan (PN) Campus Tuesday night.
Ghale was rescued only after people walking past the cliff noticed him lying there at 10 pm Tuesday. He was airlifted to Kathmandu after Manipal Teaching Hospital referred him to TU Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu.
Ghale has eight broken teeth. He could not speak due to his injuries. Ghale had just returned home after being treated in hospital for typhoid.
Meanwhile, general secretary of the CPN-UML Madhav Kumar Nepal visited the teaching hospital to inquire about Ghale's condition. Ghale expressed himself in writing to UML chief Nepal.
Though he could not give more details, he wrote some words to describe the incident. According to him, a group entered his room, locked it, beat him up and threw him on the river bank believing him to be dead.
Commenting on the incident Nepal said that a series of Maoist attacks on UML cadres was the outcome of the "trigger-happy attitude of the former rebels (Maoists)." He urged UML rank and file to expose such activities of the Maoists before the people.
Stating that the Maoists, politically unnerved, were resorting to violence, Nepal also instructed UML cadres to expose Maoist excesses. "It shows the Maoists have not reformed," Nepal said. However, the UML chief instructed his cadres to defend themselves in ideologically and not resort to violence.
Organizing a press meet at the hospital premises at Maharajgunj, ANNFSU announced that talks and cooperation with pro-Maoist students would not take place until the latter mended their ways.
A report from Pokhara stated ANNFSU leaders in Kaski claim pro-Maoist students chased Ghale up to the cliff before throwing him from the top. However, members of All Nepal National Independent Student Union-Revolutionary (ANNISU-R), the Maoist student wing, refuted the claim.
The ANNFSU claimed that 10 Maoist students wielding khukuris and canes attacked Ghale.
A group of Maoist students led by Dinesh Poudel of PN campus chased Ghale toward the cliff from the hostel as per a plan hatched by Sudip Kuwar, central secretariat member of ANNISU-R, said a statement issued by Rashmi Acharya, ANNFSU coordinator of Gandaki zone. Kuwar of ANNISU-R claimed that Ghale was not attacked. "He might have accidentally fallen from the cliff when he ran away fearing attack by ANNISU-R students when the latter reached the hostel," Kuwar said.
The situation at PN campus and Paschimanchal Engineering Institute at Lamachaur has remained tense for the last four days due to frequent clashes between pro-UML and Maoist students.