Saturday, 1 September 2007

Nepalese Hotelier in Kassel


Kassel Wilhelmhohe

today, while exiting out from the Kassel Wilhelmhohe train station, my eyes got stuck with one advertisement kept in the exit door of train station. This is very normal advertisement, but for me it was really especial. While I saw this advertisement, I found it as my own advertisement.

This advertisement was the advertisement of nepalese retaurant in the Wilhelmhöhe. Following the advertisement, I went upto the gate of restaurant, took some photographs, but couldnot dare to enter inside since the restaurant was too expensives. We looked the menu outside, saw the restuarant decoration from outside. It made us happy and proud. The name of restaurant is the Himalayas: Nepali and Indien Restuarant. The proprietor added the name of Indien because with this name it might be easier to attract guests. The restaurant is 50 meter east of trainstation on the same premises. There are lots of fast food center including Macdonalds and others. With the tough competition of other chain fast food center, this nepalese restaurant has been survived with the quality of services and goods. No other can survive in front of nepalese hospitality.

The name of prorietor is Gajendra Neuapane। He is young and energetic person. we would like to salute his endeavour and enterpreneurship. His success is not only the success of him alone, that is our success too.

Also, in Frankfurt on the 15 minutes walk from central train station, we could find the 3 star hotel "Hotel Everest" operated and managed by 31 years old, Kumar Panta. I got opportunity to see this hotel, and I feel personally proud of both Gajendra and Kumar's success.

Congrats to them!

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