Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Ajaya left for Nepal

Our valuable member of Goettengeli Nepalese Samaj, Mr. Ajaya Pandey left for Nepal today. After successful completion of his Master Degree in Tropical and International Forestry, he is returning back to Nepal. He left Goettingen at 11:17 am today in ICE for Frankfurt, from there he will catch up Plane (Indian Airlines) to Delhi and from Delhi he will take Jet Airlines to reach Kathmandu. Tomorrow around 1 pm he will be in the soil of Nepal. He will be very happy meeting his family there. On the occasion of Greatest festival Dashain, he will reach there and celebrate the festival together. That is the great moment even to remember !

He was very popular among all Nepalese and international friend here in Goettingen. All the friends remember him as the honest, harworking, friendly, cooperative, flexible and inspiring fellows who always use to be ready to share all the sorrows and joys with friends. As open minded, open hearted friends, he will be remembered by his friends.

At this moment, we are missing very jolly and encouraging friends from our society, but we wish all the success in his footstep and hope to see him soon here in Goettingen as the PhD fellow. Lets' join to extend our heartiest wishes for his better and prosperous career.