Sunday, 23 December 2007

Our forefather (Gurkha troops) who defeated British Empire

Gurkha warrior during Nepal-Englo War. These brave Gurkha with the small weapon like "Khukuri" defended their territorry from British Empire. The showed their bravity and loyalty to the nation as a result clever British Company made famous treaty with then Nepalese Government to recruit this brave Gurkha warriers to their Army. Then after this brave Gurkha are the part of British Army who are fighting under the flag of "Union Jack"
in many countries. At the moment, these brave Gurkhas are serving in Indian, Singapore, British and Brunei Army. In Brunei, they are the main protection shield of the King and royal families. The royalty believe Gurkha army more than their own army on the basis of their bravity, honesty and loyalty. Nowadays, in Singapore Army, after the attack on World Trade Center (the USA), they are deploying nepalese (Gurkha) army to protect their strategic point. At the moment, these famous Gurkha warriors are giving protection to the Stateheads of ASEAN countries who are in Singapore for their summit. What a great responsibility to these Gurkhas! (left photo: Guarding the SEAN leader, B/W photos are the rare photos of Nepalese Gurkha troops who saved our motherlands). We salute you our forefathers and promise you to follow the path shown by you. Mother and Motherland are always above all things!

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trangam said...

When I was kid I was sure I wanted to be a Gurkha when I grow up, even though I am not Nepali, but Sikh! So, is the influence when my father was connected to the Gurkha regiment. Gurkha's are the bravest of the brave, terror for the enemies and the friendliest people on the earth - in a way I grew with them as a kid. I am so glad and will never forget.