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Many people didnot like the untimely declaration of Federal Democratic Republic Nepal

Poll Results:
As I made the small survey on the behalf of this blog, I found that the ways and time of declaring Nepal as FDR Nepal has been taken wrong by many of our friends however all the friends who took part in the survey were very democratic and pro republican friends. The logic behind them is that the Seven Party Alliance would have held CA election on 22 November. Their incapabilities and reluctancy are the main reasons for the existence of King yet. If they would have already held the election on time, there would be no reason to declare the FDR Nepal in Credit.

All the participant of the Survey, has extreme dissatisfaction about the number of Members of CA. They thought that 601 members in the small country like Nepal, is not the good solution. That costs lost of money and also their different backgrounds and interests will make obstacle even in drafting the constitution.

Some of our friends, replied that, the parliament which can be taken as given (TIKE) doesnot have right to declare FDR Nepal. They need to have fresh people mandates that is to be taken only by helding the election for CA.

Many friends are also in suspicion about the capability of helding CA election again in April 2008. Terai would be more unrest, King will try to inmingle security situation in the country. Madhesis and Janajati may obstruct the poles etc.

In this small survey, people from all over the continents participated however the number is quite few. Friends from Nepal, Australia, Europe, America, Latin America and Africa has participated in the poll. They have given good insights about the political situation about the country. That shows that the people living in or out of the country are really sincere about the situation about the country. I am very thankful to them. Their timely responses have inspired me alot however I didnot get response from Goettingen itself. May be the darkness under the Candle is the reason.

Excerpts of some of Response: Here I am posting some of important points from their opionion.
A friend from Australia writes:

1. The naming or changing the country as a federal republic is absolutely correct.
2. 601 CA members are unnecessary, around 200 members from fully proportional representational system would be enough and appropriate for the CA. In full PR system, every single vote would represent in CA processes.
3. RPP-N (Ravindra nath sharma) has already opposed strongly the pact which is obvious. The pact is a result of struggle among reaction-ist, "status quo"-ist and the revolutionary forces. Each of them will do whatever they can, and so does the Gyenendra and Paras too. However, today or tomorrow they will have no space in Nepal.
4. As we are seeing the political development in Nepal, it is clear that if Gyanendra goes down by himself...the political parties will let him enjoy all of his properties including those taken from Birendra. BUT if he tries to hinder the peaceful transformation, the pepple will thrash him away with nothing with him.
5. The pact has both the +ves and -ves, the main +ve point is that there is less space to play for pro-monarchist leaders mainly from the seven political parties themselves. The most _ve point I found is the Mixed election syestem. It has not addressed the demands of agitating parties like Madhesis and Janajatis... Will they give way for polls? (Friend from Australia)

Another Friend Writes from Karlsruhe, Germany. He is quite critical about the political situation in the country and dispair to leaders view however he want the politician should have worked according to mandate of Janandolan II:
1. I have a say - Barking dog seldom bites. Question is not the ability for doing the election of constitutional (they might do that) but Shah`s will always rule Nepal as kamal thapa said because of the nature of our politicians, not by the mandate and desire of people !

2. Non-serious joke, we did great mistake not working with political parties being very close, we loose chance of being MP and richer (good satire to Tike samsad!).
Another Friends from Dresden, Germany opines:

1. Tike sansads don't have authority to do any decision regarding to Nepali and Nepal. because they are not the represantative of Nepali people. There is no significant difference between these Tikes and the cabinet members of Mahilo.

2. Second, this is ridiculous that they make such a huge parliament. It will be more complicated to decide anything/anymatter.

3. They are encouraging Pratigamis, Paras, Gyanendra and others to play roles and to head up them again.

Another friends from FAO, Rome Italy shows his dissatisfaction about the working of SPAs. However he was one of the hard working pro democrat student activities. He has spent lots of tolls and tears fighting against monarch and monarchy. He is unsatisfied with the present political situation, security, communal riots, corruptions, maobadi wrong demands etc...

He opines as:

1. I am really frustated with how the Sat Dal is operating. They are not going to change anything but I the country like Somalia in 5 yrs time due to communal riots. we will have the inflations, may be more than Zimbabwe. Everybody in Nepal will pick weapons if this trend continue. we are now slighlty better than Africa and the situation would not be quite different in 5 yrs.
2. We are once used to have one king and now there are seven kings. The tike Samsad was reinsted by the king and they amend constituion to throw king without fresh people's mandate!

Another Friends from Japan writes his dissatisfaction about the ways of SPA performing as follows:

1. I think further discussion on the subject matter (Which you raised) is just to make us stupid by ourselves. Do you think the current political leadership is serious to democracy, development and daily livelihood of Nepalese people?

2. Just today, one my friend from China told me that Girija prasad Koirala just wants to be PM till his death, Madhav Nepal always worry how to be PM and Prachanda always worry how to save and maintain his co-existence. If you are agree to this point, how do we need to discuss? We can expect nothing from such felthy leaderships.

3. Even simple lay man can raise a question about such large number of MPs, and only change/replace the name or keep some attractive adjectives in front of name (either new Nepal or Fedral.....) does not keep big importance, unless and untill political leaders change their feudal attitude to democratic one. You can easily guess what types of outcomes is inevitable feudal attitude of political leaderships and fedralism of Nepal will start to interacte in the future.

4. Regarding the royal roles, still there is a big mass against monarchy in Nepal and main point is the current felthy leaderships taking this benefit and doing such nonsene decisions.

Few friends from Nepal, Korea, Africa have also shown their views on the same directions as above!

I am really thankful to those who participated on the poles. If some of you have different or the same opionions regarding this poll, please write to me or give comment.

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