Sunday, 9 December 2007

Maoist Nexus with Mandale

Nowadays there is large hue and cry after the Maoist Suprimo called for the unity between the natioanlist among Pro king. When we heard this news from the mouth of Prachanda, I fell personally astonished. The party who claimed fighting against the king and wants to remove monarch and monarchy from the country is asking about the unity with the pro royalist. What a dual standard! what a mentality!! what a difficult position to them!!!

These statement from Prachanda and afterward enforcement from Baburam and others clearly shows the defeated mentality of them. They donot have popular support from people hence they are asking support from the pro royalist also. That shows, they were never honest to people and they have been getting support from the monarch to derail or to uproot the democracy from the country. With the extreme revolutionary slogan, they are supporting the extreme southist. This is really shameful and powerful blow to their supporter also.

Maoist has always dual standard. They sacrificed more than 15 thousands of their cadre in the name of republican and others.

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