Friday, 14 December 2007

Some Poems from Taslima Nasrin

'Freedom of expression for some is not enough.We must work for freedom of expression for all.Human rights for some is not enough.We must work for the human rights for all. Peace for some is not enough.We must work for peace for all.I, come what may, will not be silenced.Come what may, I will continue my fight for equality and justice without any compromise until my death.Come what may, I will never be silenced.' Taslima Nasrin
Taslima Nasrin is one of the famous writer of all time. She has born in 1962 in Bangladesh. She has completed her MBBS under DAAD Scholarship from Germany.

She is extra modern and believes in freedom in totality. She has published many books and poems. When she published "Lajja", which is based on the real story about Muslim aristocracy upon the Hindus in Dhaka after the demolition of Mosque in disputed land in Ayodhya (India) by Hindu. She has explained how the lands, houses, shops of Hindus been destroyed and looted to take revenge of the demolition of Mosque in India.

After the publication of "Lajja", her life was threatened by Muslim extremists and now she is on exile and taking refugee in Sweden. Whenever she travels, her life is always in risk from Muslim extremists. Recently, she has been attacked by some fundamentalists in Haidrabad (India).

Here is some poems, which looks quite radical, and betrays her struggle towards freedom of speech:

(A woman without man is like a fish without a bicycle.)
A woman can't live without a man?
Ha, what logic, the logic of a ghost!
Bah bah!Throw the ball,
Don’t let orchids embrace you at all,
Don’t go to poisonous ant bushes.
Push yourself into sensuousness.
You have the bow, you have the arrow.
Do it girl, masturbate.

2. RUN! RUN!
A pack of dogs is after you.
Remember, rabies.
A pack of men is after you.
Remember, syphilis.

Let the pavilions of religion
be ground to bits, let the bricks of temples, mosques, guruduaras, churches
be burned in blind fire,
and upon those heaps of destruction
let lovely flower gardens grow, spreading their fragrance.
let children's schools and study halls grow.
For the welfare of humanity, now let prayer halls
be turned into hospitals, orphanages, universities,
Now let prayer halls become academies of art, fine art centers,
scientific research institutes.
Now let prayer halls be turned to golden rice fields
in the radiant dawn,
Open fields, rivers, restless seas.
From now on,
let religion's other name be humanity.

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