Friday, 25 January 2008

Carla Burni (Girl Friend of French President) is in naked photo

A Spanish magazine has published an exclusive picture of French president Nicolas Sarkozy's fiancée Carla Bruni wearing only a pair of black leather boots - and what appears to be a wedding ring.

The image, published online in the February edition of DT, shows the model-turned-singer-turned French President's fiancée lying on floor cushions with her arms protectively crossed over her chest.
The presence of a simple gold band on her wedding finger will further fuel rumours the Italian beauty has wed Sarkozy after a whirlwind romance.

She is the recent girlfriend of French President Nicholas Sarjoki who is snapped naked for spanish newspaper DT. This photo was the recent photo but before officially agreeing their formal relationship with French President. She is a divorcee who has a around 8 years old son. Even the French president has already married with two women and divorced. Cicila the former wife, had divorced him after his election in president. What a big courage!
The popularity of French President has been record low since he has been giving much priority to hie personal life.

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