Friday, 11 January 2008

Sir Edmund Hillary: More Nepalese than We Nepalese

The wellknown philanthropic personalities and famous mountaineer passes away today with heartattack. The bravest of the braves, Kindest among Kind people, lost his life at the age of 88years due to the heart attack at Auckland District Hospital, Newzealand.

He was Kiwian by birth, but He was more Nepalese than average nepali people. He has been working to establish schools, clinics and other infrastructure development in and around Everest regions.

He was conferred with honorary citizen of Nepal. This is in the first time the history of nepal, Nepalese Government conferred honorary citizenship to any other ciitizen.

He was always happy to help Nepalese people. The Nepalese residing in Newzealand was destined to have his participation in several ceremonies organised by them.

With the death of him, we lost the true lover of nepal and our selfless Guardian.

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