Thursday, 21 February 2008

Health situation in Nepal

Total population: 27,133,000
Gross national income per capita (PPP international $): 1,530
Life expectancy at birth m/f (years): 61/61
Healthy life expectancy at birth m/f (years, 2002): 52/51
Probability of dying under five (per 1 000 live births): 74
Probability of dying between 15 and 60 years m/f (per 1 000 population): 295/283
Total expenditure on health per capita (Intl $, 2004): 71
Total expenditure on health as % of GDP (2004): 5.6
(Source: WHO)
Unexpectedly Srilanka has the best results in all aspects of human health despite of long civil war. They are the best among all south asian countries. You can see the definition and more detail results by clicking the hyperlinks of each item above.

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