Monday, 18 February 2008

Nepal lost opening game against Srilanka

In the ICC under 19 World Cup started in the Kualalampur, Malaysia from today. Nepal faced the mighty Srilanka in the opening game. Instead of Good start, Nepal lost its first game against Srilanka. The loss is due to the inexperience.
Nepal started quite will and limited Srilanka at 236/9. The once World Cup winner and power house of Cricket, Srilanka lost their early wicket at the score of 9. Once they were 58/4 at over 14.1. But the lower order batsmen rescued Srilankan team. (Captain Paras Khadka in photo)
In response, Nepal started batting very nice. They were once 61/1 at over number 15. But later the wickets felled down in regular interval. Mahesh Chhetri (35 runs), A. Mandal (25), captain Paras Khadka (25), and A Gupta (24) contributed to the team. Nepal lost all wickets with the score of 175.
A Bhattarai took four Srilankan wickets. Nepal played superbly to the mighty Srilankan, however they lost the game. All the audiences and officials seemed happy with alround performance of nepalese teams despite of loss.

Nepali team is being taken as the Giant Killer since it had defeated mighty South Africa, Newzealand, Pakistan and Bangladesh in previous world cup tournament. May be this time, they are ready to repeat the history by beating Australia in coming event.

Nepal lost the second game against World Champion Australia. That seems quite normal. But, the happy news is that they limited Australia in 210. Nepal lost the game with just 92 runs. Nepal will play next game against Namibia.

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